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Partnerships (Regional, National and International)

The  new “Partnership Directorate” was born out of Faculty restructuring and we all took up our new roles in September 2014.

Of course, partnership was a key part of the Faculty work prior to this. Over our 50 year history, the strength and the development of the Faculty of Education’s  portfolio of activity has required that we work with partners. These partners are schools, colleges and other learning settings, they are galleries, museums, charities and NGOs. Our partners are the Diocese, the newly formed Multi Academy Trusts and the Teaching Schools. Our partners are regional, national and international.

As the new Head of Partnerships, I look forward to the next period in our development to further enhance our collaborations and to look for opportunities to build even richer partnerships.

I have been at the University for eleven years and during that time have led on a wide range of projects. I am particularly excited to be the new Faculty lead for Partnership development. I am supported by a highly committed  team who are inspired to make the Faculty’s partnership and community engagement work transformational. We look forward to working with you.

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