Exploring Sustainability

Sustainability is a key issue for the twenty first century. Exploring different ways that we can live within the ecological limits of the planet is an increasing challenge and there are growing signs of stress.

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Sustainability is a complex notion that has many definitions.


The Earth has a finite carrying capacity.

Planetary Limits

Learning about the environment involves learning about ourselves and others.

Making Connections


New problems and challenges require new solutions.

New Mindsets

Sustainability education is a dimension to learning rather than a traditional subject discipline.

Sustainability Education

Exploring sustainability and the environment challenges us to acknowledge our values.



International agreements are one way of addressing environmental issues.

World Citizens

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are a universal plan to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure global peace and prosperity.

Global Goals

We need to find ways for everybody to prosper within planetary limits.

Sustainable Living


New problems require new ways of thinking.

Futures Thinking

We are living in times of irreversible change.

Next Steps


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