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Our Vision

Our School is committed to sustaining a vibrant, collegiate, creative and academic community with staff who are recognised leaders in their fields.

Our students will become confident, resilient, socially responsible and active agents in shaping their learning and future lives.

Our ambition is to cultivate and inspire informed, imaginative and critical thinkers who research, challenge and influence practice and policy, nationally and internationally.

Our shared responsibility is to act with integrity and make a positive difference with the individuals, communities, professions and businesses with whom we work.

Our students study courses at our Canterbury, Broadstairs and Medway campuses, as well as workplace and community settings. They pursue specialist routes in community arts education, early years academic and professional training, the academic study of education, special educational needs, careers development and physical education, providing support to teacher training programmes and employment based programmes to enable adults other than teachers working in education and early years settings to gain qualifications to further their careers. If you are a prospective student then you can browse these pages to get a feel for the life of the school, the different areas of work in which we specialise and the range of programmes we offer, or go straight to the online prospectus to view details of courses. The programmes reflect the areas of research in the school where staff are actively engaged in a range of activities which will feed in directly to your experience.

Our partners include further education institutions, small and medium sized businesses and third sector organisations. We collaborate with them on a wide range of local, national and international projects. If you are interested in working with us as a partner or if you are looking for support on a particular project you have then you may like to get in touch with one of our Directors.

Claire Alfrey
Head of School
School of Childhood and Education Sciences

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Connect with us

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