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Dr Patricia Driscoll

Faculty Director of Research Development

School: Faculty of Education Postgraduate Programmes

Campus: Canterbury Main Campus

Tel: 01227 922066

Profile summary

Patricia Driscoll is a Reader in education and Director of research development at Canterbury Christ Church University. She taught in secondary and primary schools before conducting her PhD in 1996. She has considerable experience of designing and delivering programmes for pre- and in- service teachers both in England and abroad.  Patricia also contributes to the research development programme for doctoral students and staff within the Faculty and across the university. Patricia has a record of accessing research grants and other funding sources and has substantial experience in research leadership and the management of research teams.  As such she has the experience and abilities to design, set up, manage and implement large, medium and small scale research, knowledge exchange and development projects. Her work contributed to the RAE and has been submitted to the REF. She has received national and international recognition for her work which has led to considerable consultancy and invitations for collaboration.

Research and knowledge exchange

Patricia's research focuses mainly on early language learning and teaching. Her work includes: pedagogy, intercultural learning and teacher development.   

She has conducted national, regional and local level research studies and has published in professional and academic journals and books. He most recent projects include a longitudinal investigation of language learning in 40 primary schools in England and the assessment of children’s  knowledge and skills from the age of 7 to 11 over a three year period (2007-2010). More locally, she recently conducted a year-long project in two schools which sought to interrogate the scope for cross curricular creativity in a target driven curriculum. The study focused particularly on forging links between L1 and L2 and intercultural learning on the global stage.

Patricia has also collaborated on two European projects: one project aimed to develop learners’ language and cultural awareness through a comparison of attitudes and approaches to healthy eating in seven European countries and the other project aimed to integrate the pedagogies of foreign languages and music education with a view to enhancing language learning for young learners.

Teaching and subject expertise

Patricia teachers across a range of initial teacher education programmes and she also designs and leads professional development courses for teachers. She has considerable experience of delivering national training programes for student teachers and practitoners.

External activities

Patricia has a track record of leading research and development project teams. She presents at conferences across the UK and in mainland Europe as well as in the USA and China. To date, she has sustained success of obtaining grants from external sources to support research activities.

Publications and research outputs

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