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Professor Bob Bowie

Professor and Director of NICER

School: School of Humanities & Educational Studies

Campus: Canterbury Main Campus

Tel: 01227 922884

Profile summary

Bob Bowie (PhD) is Director of the National Institute of Christian Education (, a research centre at Canterbury Christ Church University that investigates all aspects of Christian Education in including schooling, Christian universities, religious education and faith development. He was Chair of the Association of University Lecturers in Religion and Education until 2018. He is on the boards of several journals including the British Journal of Religious Education, the Journal of Beliefs and Values and is an editor for the International Journal of Christianity and Education. His own research areas are around religious and human rights education, with a current specific focus on teaching texts in RE classrooms, but he has also written recently on tolerance of religions and morality in values education policy. He supports the Christianity and Education Ed D programme at Canterbury and teaches ethics, RE and research methods.

Research and knowledge exchange

2020- Faith in the Nexus £300 000+ (CO-PI)

2019 Beginning Teachers and the Science Religion Encounter in the Classroom (£398,000) (PI)

2018 Teachers and Texts £37,000 (PI)

2018 Ten Leading Schools Dissemination and Researching Faith in the Nexus £270,000 (Project Director)

2017 Initial Teacher Education in Universities with a Christian Foundation. Cathedral's Group of Universities £20,000, Church Universities Fund £23,000 (PI)

2017 Anglican Identity and Implementing  PREVENT in the university. Church of England Grants Committee. £5800 with L Revell (co PIs)

2015 Negotiating British Values funded by Hockerill Educational Foundation £4000 with L Revell (co PIs)

Teaching and subject expertise

Academic Networks

Teacher of ethics, professional ethics, religion and education, epistemology and research. Deputy Editor of the International Joiurnal of Christianity and Education, Editorial Board member of the British Journal of Religious Education and the Journal of Beliefs and Values, Trustee of the grant making charity Culham St Gabriels, an executive member and trustee of ISREV, the International Seminar on Religious, Education and Values, a member of the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain, the British Educational Research Association, a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a National Teaching Fellow.

Publications and research outputs

2022 (With Farid Panjwani and Katie Clemmey) 'A 'meta' approach to texts in Religious Education: Researching teachers’ engagement with sacred text scholarship in English secondary schools' British Journal of Religious Education Published online: 24 Mar 2022

2022 (with Trevor Cooling) ‘Christian theology and school Religious Education (RE): exploring the relationship,’ Theology Journal 125, 1 3-11,

2021 with John-Paul Riordan, Lynn Revell, Mary Woolley, Sabina Hulbert & Caroline Thomas: Understanding and explaining pedagogical problem solving: a video- based grounded theory study of classroom pedagogy, Research in Science & Technological Education, DOI: 10.1080/02635143.2021.2001450

2021 ‘Questions open to infinity and the legitimacy of wonder in university curricula‘ (with Ralph Norman) Religious Education’ Religious Education 22 Published Online October 2021.

2021 'Multidimensional competence and the space between faith formation and Scripture study'In G. Byrne and S. Whittle (Eds)Catholic Education: A Lifelong Journey,Dublin: Veritas, p.261-272.

2021 The implicit knowledge structure preferred by questions in English Religious Studies public exams.In G Biesta, P Hannam (Eds)Religion and education: The forgotten dimensions of religious education? Leiden: Brill | Sense, pp.112-123.

2020 (with Sabina Hulbert and Trevor Cooling) Measuring the Effectiveness of Virtuous Pedagogy: a quantitative study of the What if Learning approach in Church of England schools. Education Sciences. 2020, 10, 315; doi:10.3390/educsci10110315.

2020 The collective consciousness of an RE department during curriculum change: scripture, representation, science, fear and anger. Journal of Religious Education. 2020, 68(3), 305-313; doi:10.1007/s40839-020-00111-9.

2020 The implicit knowledge structure preferred by questions in English Religious Studies public exams. In G Biesta, P Hannam (Eds) Religion and education: The forgotten dimensions of religious education? Leiden: Brill | Sense.

2018 'How Christian Universities Respond to Extremism' with Lynn Revell, Education Sciences. 2018, 8(3), 140-154.


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