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Dr Jennifer Hardes

Senior Lecturer

School: School of Law, Policing and Social Sciences

Campus: Canterbury Main Campus

Tel: 01227 923895

Profile summary

I received my PhD (2014) from the University of Alberta's Department of Sociology specialising in social theory, bioethics & socio-legal studies, and I am now appointed as a Senior Lecturer in Sociology at CCCU.

My overarching research area is law, ethics and society. My research generally takes a critical approach to bioethical issues, ranging from topics concerning interventions at the end of life, legal issues concerning the beginning of life, and bioethical issues in sport (such as harm, violence and concussions). I was recently awarded Theoretical Criminology’s 2020 Best Article Award for my article on Boxing, Biopolitics and the Body.

My bioethics research takes a critical socio-legal approach to re-examine topic areas that otherwise tend to heavily rely on legal analytic and moralistic frameworks. My first monograph ‘Law, Immunization and the Right to Die’ (Routledge, 2016) used a governmental framework to explore why end of life legal cases tend to fail on appeal. I am currently working on papers concerning the decriminalisation of end of life interventions, as well as examining the use of the concepts of dignity and vulnerability in end of life legal decision making.  My new research area examines the sociological jurisprudence of pregnancy in the UK. Specifically, I examine how the law constructs decisions on cases around controversial issues related to pregnancy (e.g., abortion, self- induced abortion, surrogacy, stem cells, refusal of medical treatment).

I also continue to research in the area of sport sociology, most recently on the topics of public interest, boxing and criminalisation, women, ‘madness’ and exercise, and concussion, neuroscience and law.

I welcome doctoral students in any of these areas relating to bioethics, law and society and socio-legal approaches to sport.

Research and knowledge exchange

My research has been published in a range of peer-reviewed academic journals, and I have been fortunate enough to receive a number of national and international awards for research and consultancy work including: Theoretical Criminology's Best Article Award (2020); the Canadian Sociological Association’s Outstanding Graduating Student Award (2015); Merit Award from Alberta Justice & Solicitor General (2014); North American Society for the Sociology of Sport Doctoral and Masters Research Awards (2014 & 2008); and the British Olympic Foundation Award (2006).

Teaching and subject expertise

Undergraduate and Masters Teaching

Module leader

Contemporary Issues in Sociology (Foundation)

Becoming a Sociologist (Y1)

Doing Social Research (Y1)

Crime, Deviance and the Law (Y2)

Research Skills: Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches (Y2)

I am currently I also contribute to our MSc degree 'Global Inequalities and Comparative Social Policy'.

PhD/EdD Supervision

I am available to supervise research students in areas of social philosophy; socio-legal approaches to bioethics; medical humanities; philosophy & sociology of sport.

Current Doctoral Students:

Buse Ozdirench, PhD (Sociology) Cannabis and social change (Chair of Studies)

Tiggey May PhD (Policing) (Chair of Studies)

Nicole Holt, PhD (Public Health). Spirituality & Health 

Completed Doctoral Students:

Alan Jones, EdD. Research-Based Learning

Publications and research outputs

Hardes, J. (2020). Governing Excess: Boxing, Biopolitics and the Body. Theoretical Criminology, online before print.

Hardes, J. (2019) Governing Sporting Brains: Concussion, Neuroscience and the Biopolitical Regulation of Sport. In J. Fry & M. McNamee (Eds). Sport, Ethics and Neurophilosophy. London: Routledge (pp. 23-35). (Reprint).

Hardes, J. (2018). Women, 'Madness' and Exercise. Medical Humanities, 44, 181-192.  

Hardes, J.& Hogeveen, B. (2017) Flow, Skilled-Coping and the Sovereign Subject: Towards an Ethics of Being-With in Sport. In G. Breivik (Ed.). Skills, Knowledge & Expertise in Sport.  London: Routledge. Forthcoming.

Hardes, J. & Revell, L. (2017). Law, Education and Prevent, Education, Citizenship and Social Justice. 

Hardes, J. (2017) Governing Sporting Brains: Concussion, Neuroscience and the Biopolitical Regulation of Sport. Sport, Ethics and Philosophy Journal, online before print.

Hardes, J. (2017). Biopolitics and the Enemy: On Law, Rights and Proper Subjects, Law, Culture and the Humanities, 13(3),383-403 (published online before print, March 24th 2014).

Hardes, J. (2016). Law, Immunization and the Right to Die. London, UK: Routledge Glasshouse Books.

Hardes, J. & Hogeveen, B, (2016). Flow, Skilled-Coping and the Sovereign Subject: Towards an Ethics of Being-With in Sport. Sport, Ethics and Philosophy Journal, 10(3), 283-294.

Hardes, J., McLane, P., & Pavlich, G. (2014). Personhood, Legal Judgment, and Sovereignty at The Cape, 1793-1810. The Routledge Handbook of International Crime and Justice Studies. Oxon: Routledge. 

Hogeveen, B, & Hardes, J. (2014). Constituting the Fighter’s Body: On Being-With in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. In K. Gilbert (Ed.), Fighting: Intellectualising Combat Sport, London: Commonground Publishing with B. Hogeveen.

Hardes, J. (2013). Fear, Sovereignty and the Right to Die. Societies, 3(1), 66-79

Hardes, J. (2007). The Coaching Act: Interview with Chris Volley. In James Denison (Ed.) Coaching knowledges: Understanding the dynamics of sport performance (pp. 181-199)London: A & C Black Publishers.


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