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Mrs Wendy Cobb

Senior Lecturer

School: Early Years and Primary Initial Teacher Education (ITE)

Campus: Canterbury Main Campus

Tel: N/A

Profile summary

My current roles at CCCU include Lead for the Primary ITE priority areas of Behaviour, Working with Parents and Emotional Health and Academic Link Tutor for the PGCEi in collaboration with The City School Pakistan.   I have extensive experience of working with School Based teacher education programmes including as Academic Link Tutor and research lead for Essex and Thames  School Centred Initial Teacher Training Partnership.  I have worked in a number of primary and secondary schools across Kent, London and Essex in a variety of teaching, leadership, advisory and coaching roles.  I was formerly Primary Lead on the Teach First Primary Languages Pilot Programme and Primary Languages Advisor for Medway LA where I managed networks of primary and secondary creative language partnerships.  I was also a leadership coach for the Achievement for All charity, working closely with schools to develop strong partnerships with parents to support pupil progress.

Research and knowledge exchange

I am project lead for the Family Links Partnership Project Leadership for Emotional Health, Resilience and Well-being.The School of Teacher Education has been working in partnership with the Family Links Charity on a number of initiatives since 2009.  Family Links is a national training organisation which promotes emotional wellbeing and mental health as well as positive parenting skills, and delivers training across a variety of settings to enable parents and teachers to become more effective, caring and confident in raising emotionally resilient and socially competent children. I was programme director for the Post Graduate Certificate in Social and Emotional Learning, an initiative developed through the CCCU/Family Links partnership.  

I am also CCCU representative of the Fair Education Alliance (FEA).  The FEA is a coalition of over 200 organisations which aims to tackle inequality in the education system. My involvement centres around the FEA priority working towards a cultural transformation in approach to wellbeing and inclusion in the education system.

Teaching and subject expertise

I supported a Croydon schools group (2012 - 2016) on the development of an accelerated approach to language learning from primary to KS3.  My support focused on integrating language and content, embedding language learning and developing support resources for schools.  Our aim was to encourage a language conscious teaching approach and an awareness of three key aspects of language - language as communication (interpreting, creating and exchanging 'meanings that matter), language as culture (recognising the interrelationship between language, culture and learning) and language as identity (reflection and evaluation - understanding self as comunicator/self as learner).  I continue to provide primary languages INSET with a focus on creative and integrated language learning.

Facilitator Mentor Development Programme

Professional Affiliate Chartered College of Teaching

Fellow Higher Education Academy

Association for Language Learning

Primary School Governor (2011 - 2013)

External activities

Cobb, W. (2020) Social and Emotional Wellbeing and Creativity:  From Colouring-in to Innovation Early Childhood Community of Practice in collaboration with International Professional Development Association

Niemtus, Z., Wisbey, J. and Cobb, W. (2020) Could Creativity Save Students' Mental Health [podcast] available at

Conference Presentations:

Beighton, C., Cobb, W. and Welland, Hilary (2020) 'Conflict, collaboration and counterpoint: analysing iterative research techniques within the research development narrative'. ESREA Annual Conference 27 February - 1 March, Canterbury: Canterbury Cathedral Lodge

Cobb, W., Lau, E. and Wallington, Z. (2017) The limits of labels and measures.  Exploring the use of formative assessment to measure social and emotional learning, mindsets and character traits in Blackpool.  BSA Social Mobility Conference

Jordan-Daus, K. and Cobb, W. (2017) 'Research and Enterprise: A Case Study' Canterbury Christ Church University Faculty of Education Research Conference

Cobb, W and Shearman, J. (2016) 'The Power of Partnership for Social and Emotional Health – a different kind of teaching’ OMEP European Conference, 5-7 May. Canterbury: Canterbury Christ Church University.


Cobb, W. and Haisman-Smith, N. (2015) ‘Creating Emotionally Healthy Learning Communities through Research Informed Partnerships’ TEAN, 13-14 May. Birmingham: Conference Aston.


Cobb, W. and Matthews, D. (2014) ‘A KS2/3 model for effective cross-phase learning’ Association for Language Learning Conference, 4-5 April. Lancaster: Lancaster University.

Cobb, W. (2010) Cross-curricular initiatives in cross-phase partnerships Building on Firm Foundations. Association for Language Learning, 26-27 March. York: University of York.

Publications and research outputs

Cobb, W. and Bower, V. (2022)  Language Learning and Intercutural Understanding in the Primary School:  A practical and Integrated Approach, Oxon: Routledge

 Beighton, C., Cobb, W., & Welland, H. (2021). Autoethnographic approaches to academic writing development: Dialogue as a research tool. in SAGE Research Methods Cases.

Cobb, W., Stevenson, B., Joyce, L. and Lucey, C. (2021) ‘Supporting the wellbeing and additional needs of your mentors’ in Howells, K. and Lawrence,   J. (eds.) Mentoring Teachers in the Primary School Oxon: Routledge      

Cobb, W., Haisman-Smith, N., Jordan-Daus, K. (2017) ‘Empowering positive partnerships: a review of the processes, benefits and challenges of a university and charity social and emotional learning partnership’, TEAN Journal, 9(2), pp. 64-75.

Cobb. W. (2016) 'Research Methods: how will I collect the data?' in Austin, R. (ed.) Researching Primary Education, London: Sage

Cobb, W. (2014) A Tale of Leadership Resilience and Wellbeing  MA Leadership and Management for Learning Canterbury Christ Church University

Cobb, W. ed. (2013)  Language Awareness Programme  Accelerated Modern Languge Acquisition Partnership


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