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Dr Christian Beighton

Senior Lecturer

School: Educational Studies - Postgraduate Programmes

Campus: 21 New Dover Road

Tel: 01227 923445

Profile summary

I have worked in a range of teaching and training roles in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. Having occupied teaching posts in Further Education, higher education and private sector training and consultancy, my research interests currently draw on this experience and range from pedagogy and creativity in education settings to applications of aspects of continental philosophy to education theory and practice.  My teaching responsibilities focus on research development and teacher education.

Research and knowledge exchange

I have worked with various partnerships and research projects including with universities in Palestine and the US. 

I supervise and chair a wide range of Doctoral and Masters' projects, including: 

Doctoral Supervision: recent completions (misc.) 

  • A Study of Humour Use in Primary School Staff Meetings (2021) 
  • Internationalization of Higher Education: Lived Experiences of International Students and Perspectives on the Global University (2021)
  • GenZ’s perceptions of factors impacting academic attainment and employment outcomes: an exploratory multiphase Q-methodology study
  • The Professional Learning of Academics in Higher Education: A Sociomaterial Perspective
  • Developing Resilience as a Policy Strategy: The Impact of Policy as Mediated by Ofsted
  • A Study of How Middle Leaders in a Secondary School are Making Sense of Their Role in Relation to Teachers’ Professional Development

Doctoral Supervision: current (misc.)

  • Glossophobia in foreign language classes: psycho-educational perspectives
  • Sustaining neoliberal ideology: regulation, control and evaluation in FE inspection policy
  • Early Childhood Education Provision in Algerian Preschool Settings: An Investigation into ideologies
  • Assemblage theory and arts education management: a practice-based approach

Teaching and subject expertise

Over the years I have developed subject expertise in:

  • MFL (French)
  • Adult and Professional Learning 
  • Teacher training and education
  • Research development and academc publication
  • Doctoral supervision 

I am an Honorary National Fireams Instructor (NFI) and a fellow of the HEA. I also write the technical pages of the San Fairy Ann Cycling club magazine, "Milestone". 

External activities

My research work has been recognized externally be several national and international bodies. My articles have been solicited for (re)publication here and in France, the US and Australia. I have presented twice at the National Policing Conference based on work with policing in Jordan and the UK. In 2018, I gave a keynote address at the CCCU Annual Teaching and Learning Conference on Partnership in Learning and the co-creation of knowledge. Other invitations include to Birmingham University to present on philosopher Gilles Deleuze, and to undertake research grant assessment for the Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada. As PI I have worked on a range of international projects.

Publications and research outputs

Selected publications: (see online for others)

Beighton, C. (2021c) Convergent correlationism: analyzing teacher educators’ reflection on professional practice. RP

Beighton, C. (2021b) Biopolitics and lifelong learning: the vitalistic turn in English Further Education discourse, IJLE

Kemiche, Z. & Beighton, C. (2021a) “It’s like very white-winged”: Students’ Perceptions of Racism and Internationalisation in UK Higher Education. JCEPS

Beighton, C. (2020a) “A cumulative and alienating pattern of repeated slights and insults”: Racism, Internationalization and Ethical Vacuity in UK Higher Education. JCEPS

Beighton, C. (2020b) Xenolexia’s Positivity: the Alterity of Academic Writing and its Pedagogical Implications. TiHE

Beighton, C. (2020c) Beyond alienation: spatial implications of teaching and learning academic writing, TiHE

Beighton, C. (2019) Reasoning with Qualitative Data: Using Retroduction with Transcript Data, Sage

Beighton, C. (2018a) A Transversal University? Criticality, Creativity and Catatonia in the Globalised pursuit of Higher Education Excellence- Cole & Bradley, Principles of Transversality in Globalisation and Education, Springer.

Beighton, C. and Revell, L. (2018b) Implementing the Prevent Strategy in England: British Values and the Semiotisation of discourse and practice in Further Education.  DSCPE

Beighton, C. (2018c) Critical Ethnography: Investigating practice in Police Firearms Training, Sage 

Beighton, C. (2017a) Telling Ghost Stories with the Voice of an Ogre: Deleuze, Identity, and Disruptive Pedagogies, IiTE

Beighton, C. (2017b) Groundhog day?  Nietzsche, Deleuze and the eternal return of prosumption in lifelong learning. JCC

Beighton C. (2017c) Closed circuit? Flow, influence and the liquid management of learning and skills, DSCPE

Beighton, C. (2016a) Payback time? Discourses of lack, debt and the moral regulation of teacher education, DSCPE

Beighton, C. (2016b) Expansive learning in Professional Contexts: A Materialist Perspective, London: Palgrave

Beighton, C. (2015) Deleuze and Lifelong Learning: Creativity, Events and Ethics, London: Palgrave


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