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Mr William Stow

Interim Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Education

School: Faculty of Education Assistant Dean's Office

Campus: Canterbury

Tel: 01227 922524

Profile summary

I am currently Head of the School of Teacher Education and Development. The school supports over 2500 students on programmes across the academic levels 4-8, in developing their knowledge, skills and understanding as teachers. The 150 staff in the school are also actively engaged in research, knowledge exchange and consultancy work across the Faculty, and the majority of all activity is based on the development of rich and sustained partnerships with learning organisations.

I specialise therefore in the management and leadership of teacher education and development. This spans those teaching with age groups from 0-99 and working at pre and post qualification level. I represent the University at a regional and national level in this field. I am a member of the School Direct National Reference Group, the Teach First ITD Contract Board, the UCET Management Forum and the Million+ group.

My own research has focused recently on the practice and theory of developing enquiry-based approaches to teacher development, but I am also interested in the development of teacher identity, learning across and outside the curriculum and in all aspects of primary education.

I have worked at the University for several years, previously occupying posts as Head of Postgraduate Initial Teacher Education, Director of Postgraduate Primary ITE, programme director and principal lecturer in Primary Education.

Research and knowledge exchange

My research has covered a range of fields over the past 15 or more years and led to publications and presentations in the following:

  • History education
  • Citizenship education
  • Participation and pupil voice
  • Enquiry-based professional development
  • The development of student teacher identity

I have managed knowledge exchange projects particularly in the field of evaluation and monitoring, working with voluntary and third sector organisations to devise frameworks for self-evaluation and working as a researcher on large-scale evaluation of social inclusion projects.

I have also recently led the University's contribution to an INTERREG 4 Seas project to develop communication, education and community engagement with the Dover Bronze Age Boat - BOAT 1550 BC. Previously, I have worked with local cultural sector organisations on projects funded by the Museums Libraries and Archives Council to develop teacher engagement with learning in these settings.

Teaching and subject expertise

My teaching experience has centred around history education (primary), professional studies in education with a particular focus on enquiry-based action research, learning across and outside the curriculum, enquiry-based professional development and developing reflective practice.

I was awarded a University Teaching Fellowship in 2005 for my innovative programme design with a flexible PGCE, based on a blended learning approach.

I am a member of the Historical Association.

I have extensive experience of leading and developing capacity in HE and voluntary sector organisations to self-evaluate and monitor their work. This has included work with Creative Parterships, The Museums, Libraries and Archives Council, the Home Office, the Department for Children, Schools and Families, and Kent Children's Fund.

I have worked as a consultant with other Higher Education Institutions to develop their capacity to monitor and self-evaluate the quality of their ITE provision.

External activities

Conference Papers:

2013 ‘Models of working with schools: School Direct’ UCET Annual Conference, Burton-upon-Trent

2013 ‘Its not Henry V111 or Hitler: Engaging children in learning about the Bronze Age,’ Boat 1550 BC Conference, Dover

2012 ‘Who do I think I am going to be? Anticipation and professional identity in a changing teacher education climate’, Golden Jubilee Conference, Canterbury Christ Church University

2011 ‘Singing from the same hymn-sheet: Perceptions of success in practitioner-led action research’, BERA Annual Conference, Institute of Education, London

2010 ‘Children talking, teachers listening – developing curriculum’ EECERA annual conference Birmingham

2010 ‘Virtuous triangles’ for curriculum innovation and pupil participation: supporting school-based action research through local authority and HEI collaboration – BERA annual conference, Warwick

2007 ‘Becoming a teacher: reflection and reflexivity’ BERA Annual Conference, Institute of Education, London

2007 ‘Reflection and Reflexivity in Teacher Education’ ESCALATE Annual Conference, St Martin’s UniversityCollege, Lancaster

2004 with Bryan, H – ‘On Track – a Special Relationship’ – symposium paper at BERA Annual Conference



Keynote addresses:

December 2013 Teacher Education Advancement Network: ‘Blurring the Boundaries: enhanced partnerships for teacher developmentn

July 2004 History Teacher Educators Network conference, July, Canterbury Christ Church University College – ‘Local History: The State We Are In and the State of Things to Come’



November 2012 – ‘Laying the Foundations: museum-based learning and teaching in teacher training’ The Beaney Institute, Canterbury January

December 2005, Launch of Measuring Impact Toolkit, Kent Children’s Fund

July 2005, Kent Crime Curriculum Conference – Evaluation of Crime Curriculum, CanterburyChristChurchUniversityCollege, Broadstairs

February 2004 – ESCALATE Conference on Virtual Learning Environments – joint symposium: ‘The Effective Use of VLEs’

October 2003 – Community Engagement in On Track, National Children’s Fund Conference, London

October 2002 – Local Evaluation of On Track, Greenwich Steering Group

Publications and research outputs

Peer-reviewed publication

2010 ‘Being Reflective’ in Birrell, G, Taylor, H and Ward, H (eds) Succeeding on your Primary PGCE, London: Sage

2008 ‘Reflection and Reflexivity in Teacher Education’ in Proceedings of ESCALATE Annual Conference

2008 ‘Becoming a teacher – reflection and reflexivity’ in Education-line

2006 ‘New   Zealand: Social Studies at a Crossroads’ Citizenship, Social and Economics Education, Vol 7 (1), pp3-16

2006 with Parsons, C, Bryan, H. and Hailes, J. ‘On TrackMulti-Agency Projects to Schools and Communities: A Special Relationship, Children and Society, 20 (1), 40-54

2000 ‘Time and Period: Investigating Primary School Children’s Understanding of Chronology’ in Curriculum, Vol 20, no 3, pp 175-185

2000 with Arthur, J and Davison, J  Social Literacy, Citizenship Education and the National CurriculumLondon: Routledge

1999 ‘History: values in the diversity of human experience’, in Bailey, R ed. Teaching Values and Citizenship Across the Curriculum  London: Kogan Page

1999 `Issues in the Teaching of Chronology’ in Arthur, J. and Phillips, R. (eds)  Issues in Teaching history, London: Routledge

1997 `Concept Mapping: A tool for Self-Assessment’ in Primary Science Review No 49

1996 `Start Right. Start Early?’ in Hayes, D. (ed) Debating Education,Canterbury: Canterbury Christ Church College


Report/publication for external body

2007 with Powell, S and Dismore, H ‘Teaching Outside the Classroom Evaluation Framework and Toolkit’, Creative Partnerships/TDA/MLA

2006 with Graham-Matheson L, Connolly T, Robson S. A systematic map into approaches to making initial teacher training flexible and responsive to the needs of trainee teachers. Technical report. In: Research evidence in Education Library. London: EPPI-Centre, Social Science Research Unit, Institute of Education, University of London

2005 with Stewart, Y: Measuring Impact Toolkit, Kent Children’s Fund

2003 with Parsons, C, Bryan, H, Austin, B and Hailes, J:  ‘On Track – Thematic Report of the Local Evaluation Team’, Children and Young People’s Unit


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