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Mrs Tracey Wornast

Senior Lecturer

School: Faculty of Education Undergraduate Programmes

Campus: Canterbury

Tel: 01227 924418

Profile summary

I have worked at Canterbury Christchurch University for approximately 10 years now within the Childhood and Education Sciences school, in the Faculty of Education. Previously I worked in the faculty of health and social care as a lecturer practitioner combining  my role as a Health Visitor. I have also worked as a midwife and nurse extending into working in different roles within health promotion and public health arenas in various populations in the UK.

 My role within CCCU is as a programme director for the BA Human Development programmes and as a senior lecturer across other programmes within the School. My roles are therefore those associated with that role and are comparable to other HE institutes. As a programme director my responsibilities include the development, implementation, delivery and evaluation of effective programmes of education including the development of learning and HE experiences to support student learning.  Professional and academic development of students, staff, other colleagues and myself are also part of the role as is managing strategic elements of the programme and wihtin a wiser directorate team. I am proud to work within a School that has a multiprofessional team including staff from educational and teaching roles, health care staff, policing, the charity sector, health promotion, psychology, research and specail educationsl aneeds specialists who influence and shape our students expereinces. I alos undertake external examiner duties to ensure the quality of student experiences not only wihtin my own institute buit that of those I work with within that role.

I also undertake extended roles such as a faculty investigator, validation panels and extenuating circumstances panels.

As a researcher I work alongside other organisations including recently how heritage sites and Museums may engage with young children and their families.  My Educational Doctorate is focussed upon Exploring student wellbeing within University.

Research and knowledge exchange

My areas of interest are as above- I have been involved in varous pieces of research around health visiting, health promotion and also student experiences and expectations within HE.

More recently I have worked with pertners including English Heritage and Poweel Cotton Museum and students from within the school to rsearch how heritage sites and musems may increasingly enagage with under fives and their families wihtin tow seperate community research projects.

I have also worked with local authorities and services to shape policies and thresholds for referral around children's health and Child protection.

My interest in stiudent expereinces within HE, and especailly health and wellbeing has also most recently shaped my Education Doctorate.

Teaching and subject expertise

My teaching expertise includes health promotion, public health, child devlopment and learning, sustainability in health, wellbeing, healht inequalities, human development, child safeguarding and protection, research mnethods and processes.

Areas of expertise and interest in terms of pedagogical expertise and learning and development as well as professionalism and professionality including clinical supervision, peer assessment, reflection and critical pedagogy for excellence are also areas of interest and devlopement .

My professioanl heritage includes being a Registered General Nurse, Registered Midwife and Registered Health V and these areas remain wihtin my interests and colour who I ma and the values I hold and enact.

I have also been and am, a member of the Higher Education Academy as a Fellowship membership since 2010 onwards.

External activities

Within my role as a external examiner I have worked alongside several different HE organisations and currently work with Birmgingham University within their early childhood studies programs provision to ensure standards, equity's and quality for students and Higher Education as  a whole.

Iam also a secondary school foundation governor and work with the school including areas such as student progress, pupil premium and safeguarding children as well as within a wider role within the school around educational special needs and student wellbeing.


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