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Professor Hazel Reid

Hazel is Professor of Education and Career Management and the Director of Research in the Faculty of Education at Canterbury Christ Church University, UK. She researches in the area of career and guidance theory and practice and clinical supervision. She also supervises and examines students undertaking Doctoral research and works with the Auto/biography and Narrative Research Theme Group in the Faculty of Education.

Hazel is a Fellow of the Career Development Institute and of the Higher Education Academy. She is a member of the International Association of Educational & Vocational Guidance, a NICEC Fellow (National Institute of Careers Education & Counselling) and was co-editor of the NICEC journal. She is a reviewer for five international academic journals and serves on the editorial board of the (international) British Journal of Guidance & Counselling.  She is involved in European projects related to the work of career guidance counsellors (NICE). Her previous research was concerned with the meanings given to the function of supervision within guidance and youth support work and the experiences of long term unemployed young people in areas of social and economic disadvantage. Currently she is exploring the development of narrative career counselling, and has a book contract for presenting the results, alongside an Erasmus 'careers' project on migration.  Hazel is a board member of the European Research Society for Vocational Designing and Career Counselling. She presents her work at national and international conferences, at invited symposia and key note addresses. Her books, written in collaboration with Jane Westergaard, include Effective Counselling with Young People (2011); Effective Supervision for Counsellors - an introduction (2013); with Linden West (eds) (2015) Constructing Narratives of Continuity and Change: a transdisciplinary approach to researching lives, published by Routledge (and now available in paperback, 2016), and An Introduction to Career Counselling and Coaching (2016) London: Sage.

Research and knowledge exchange

Funded research

  1. Uk partner in Erasmus + CMinaR project designing curriculum for career counsellors working with refugee and migrant populations 2016-2019.
  2. European Society for Vocational Designing and Career Counselling – invited to act as quality adviser and evaluator within a successful bid to EU for a research doctoral school to support early career doctoral researchers in career counselling 2014-17
  3. Narrative research on the career biographies of young unemplyed people in Thanet and Dover. Evaluation of the feasibility study will shape an application for external funding for an in depth qualitative project, using biographical research methodology and narrative career counselling.
  4. NICE 2 – the second phase of the project with funds awarded by EU/Erasmus for 2012 – 2015. taking forward the work of phase 1, developing the academic education of career counsellors in Europe (43 HEI partners in 27 countries).
  5. Career Counselling Educators’ network (NICE) and leader in work package within project with Heidelberg University Sept 2010 – Aug 2012. Part of editorial team for the curriculum handbook 
  6. UK Partner in Leonardo da Vinci ‘Career Planning Tool’ – a 2 year transfer of innovation project with Bahcesehir University, Turkey and partners in Greece, Slovenia and Hungary. January 2009 – December 2010)
  7. ICG commissioned research: ‘The views of initial training held by employers of newly qualified QCG practitioners’, Oct 2008
  8. UK Partner in Leonardo da Vinci project developing European Accreditation Scheme for career guidance practitioners, 2006 – 2008
  9. EIP – CCCU intensive doctoral development school in Lithuania in May 2012. As part of CCCU team took an active part in the two week programme, i.e. presentation, workshops and facilitating cross institutional discussions. Part of CCCU organising group for EIP Turkey in 2013 & Finland 2014.

Teaching and subject expertise

Hazel's subject expertise relates to career guidance and counselling theory and practice. In addition she researches and writes within a narrative and auto/biographical research methodology and supervisors doctoral students using this and other interpretive approaches. She co-ordinated the Auto/biography and Narrative Research & KE theme group in the Faculty of Education from 2009-2014.

The group meets regularly, on average four or five times per term in Canterbury. Whilst there is a core membership, other colleagues attend sessions on Faculty Scholarly Days or when the topic has particular relevance for their own interests. Colleagues include those undertaking doctoral study as full time or part time members of the academy. Numbers attending each session vary, but an average attendance is 12/15. Activities include seminars, presentations, round table discussions on a ‘contentious’ topic within research, feedback sessions for colleagues writing papers for the REF, for publication and / or theses, ‘master classes’ for demonstration of the use of biographical approaches and workshops where participants trial methods and techniques. The funding has been used to run a residential writers’ retreat, visiting speakers for creative writing in research and a very successful one day conference. The first conference attracted researchers and presenters from many European countries. As an outcome of the conference a collection of papers on ‘Constructing Narratives of Continuity and Change’ (2015) has been developed into an edited book, following an invitation from Routledge, Taylor/Francis. The book draws on research papers from colleagues across Europe and is edited by Hazel Reid and Linden West – highlighting the expertise at CCCU for auto/biography and narrative research. Members of the theme group were involved in the peer reviewing of chapters. Currently the group is developing proposals for externally funded research, alongside other learning and RKE development sessions, as well as supporting quality writing and publlications.

External activities

Recent conference papers for invited seminars/key note presentations:

'Interpretive and biographical research into narrative career counselling' Seminar Pedagogia e  Storia della Pedagogia, Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, January 2018.

‘What do we think practitioners need to know about the career guidance needs of asylum seekers, refugees and migrant populations?’ With Anne Chant. NICEC seminar London November 2017.

‘How do we ensure that our qualitative assessment methods, in practice and research are both rigorous and trustworthy?’ Invited symposium, University of Padova, Decent Work conference. September 2017.

‘Evaluating life design: one young unemployed person’s telling tale’ Invited symposium, University of Padova, Decent Work conference. September 2017.

‘Reconstructing career guidance and counselling: the case for narrative approaches for diverse communities in a troubling world’ Key note at Adult counselling conference .University of Heidelberg September 2017.

'How do we judge the quality of our work – do the discourses around scientific/quantitative measurement haunt us still? What alternative language can we / do we use?'Invited round table presentation. ESREA, Denmark, March 2017.

‘What is interpretive research and how do we assure quality?’ Interprofessional Education: sharing good practice, CCCU, February 2017. 

‘Transforming career development: narrative career counselling as a learning practice’ Invited key note presentation for Institute of Adult Learning – Symposium, Singapore in November 2016.

'Telling tales: evaluating the usefulness of narrative career counselling in a context of a changing labour market’ CCPD network conference in Essex, June 2016

‘The lived experiences of four unemployed young people living in two coastal towns in the UK - and the auto/biographical impact on the researchers’, for IABA Conference – Stream 5: Lives in Crises, University of Cyprus, Nicosia, May 2016.

‘Telling tales: evaluating the usefulness of narrative career counselling in a context of change’ Key note lecture for conference at University of Ireland Maynooth, April 2016.

‘“Telling tales”: exploring and applying narrative career counselling’ Key Note for CDI Student Conference at University of Coventry, UK, March 2016.

‘How do we assure quality of interpretive research?’ Invited lecture for the doctoral students. University of Masaryk, Brno, April 2016

"Using auto/biography and narrative methodology in the field of career counselling" invited lecture for 2nd year Masters Students, University of Masaryk Brno, April 2016.

 ‘Telling tales: understanding and practicing narrative career counselling’ Key note for Young International Symposium forum, Rimini, Italy, February 2016.

Publications and research outputs

Recent publications:

Reid, H. (2018) Telling tales: a transformative space for alternative discourses in research. In S. Jackson (Ed.) Developing transformative spaces in higher education: Learning to transgress. pp229-243. Oxon: Routledge, TaylorFrancis.

Reid, H. & West, L. (2018) Connecting big and intimate worlds: Using an auto/biographical imagination in career guidance. In T. Hooley, R. Sultana & R. Thomsen, Career guidance and social justice in a neoliberal world, Volume 1. pp227-240. New York: TaylorFrancis/Routledge.

Reid. H. & Soan. S. (2018) Providing support to senior managers in schools via ‘clinical’ supervision: a restorative and purposeful professional and personal space. Professional Development in Education, DOI: 10.1081/1941 5257.2018.1427132.

 Di Palma, T & Reid, H. (2018) Career development told through narrative research: exploring the stories of Italian and English young people. International Journal of Educational and Vocational Guidance, (in press DOI to add).

Reid, H. & Westergaard, J. (2016) ‘Oh I do like to be beside the seaside: an investigation into the lived experiences of un/underemployed young people living in coastal towns in the UK’ British Journal of Guidance & Counselling,

Reid, H., Bimrose, J. & Brown, A.  (2016) 'Prompting reflection and learning in career construction counseling', Journal of Vocational Behavior, 97, pp.51–59.

Reid, H. (2016) 'Serious playfulness: narrative career counselling in 1-1 work'. CareerMatters,. Journal of the Career Development Institute, Issue 4.4, October 2016.   

Reid, H.& West, L. (2016) ‘Negotiating professional biographies in uncertain times: a crisis of innovation in career guidance’, British Journal of Guidance & Counselling,44, 5, pp. 562-575.  

Reid, H. (2016) An Introduction to Career Counselling and Coaching, London: Sage.

Reid, H. (2016) ‘Usefulness and truthfulness: reviewing the limitations and promoting the benefits of constructivist approaches for career counselling’ in McMahon, M. & Patton, W. (eds) (2nd edn) Career Counselling: Constructivist Approaches, London: Routledge.


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