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Mrs Temi Ladenika

Senior Lecturer

School: Faculty of Education Undergraduate Programmes

Campus: Medway

Tel: 01227 924423

Profile summary

Joined CCCU  in January 2012 in a part time capacity, prior to which she has worked with the Childhood Studies department in partnership as Programme Leader for Mid Kent College on the Foundation degree since September 2006. Commencing her teaching career in 1985, Temi has worked in a variety of capacities from English teacher to Head of a Pupil Referral Unit.

Academic qualifications include Bachelor of Arts in Education with honours (English) in 1985, Masters degrees – 1987 M.Ed. in Educational Psychology, 1997 M.A.Ed. Educational Management, Open University; M.B.A Ed International in Educational Leadership, ongoing Doctorate Studies (Ed.D)

Temi maintains access to practice as Proprietor and Principal of Pulse and Water College, Woolwich, London. Working with the local education authority and secondary schools in Royal Greenwich to provide small group learning for marginalised 14 to 16 year olds. An inclusive strategy operating on the belief that given favourable circumstances, all children all can learn and have a desire to succeed educationally. Also, Lagos based Pulse and Water Ltd  provides Continuous Professional Development, Performance Management and School Improvement opportunities to Independent Sector schools. Under this umbrella, Temi visits to deliver annual Seminars on a variety of teacher and school development topics.

Research and knowledge exchange

Temi’s thesis explores tutors' recognition of the pedagogic potential of learner autonomy by establishing tutor views on the role of learner autonomy in teaching and learning as well as the importance of planning for engaging students' autonomous learning. The study involves the design and induction of the autonomy in learning construct (ALC).

Teaching and subject expertise

Temi’s teaches on Generic and SEN Foundation Degree and BA programmes of study.

External activities

The Autonomy in Learning Construct: A presentation delivered at the Doctoral Training Conference 2016, Faculty of Education, Oxford University. Monday 13th June 2016.

Participation in a 2 week ERASMUS conference on Research Methodologies (2012), a brief presentation on doctoral research.

Participation in a joint United Nations and Federal Ministry of Youth project, to develop a Youth Index for the Nigerian Child (October 2008).

Publications and research outputs

Ladenika, T. (2017) ‘Behaviour Learning and Emotional Intelligence’, in Ritchie, C. (ed) Exploring Children’s Learning, London, Routledge, pp 39 – 53.

Ladenika, T. (2010) Globalisation and International School partnerships.

A paper accepted for presentation at the World Comparative Education Congress conference in Istanbul, June 14-18 2010.


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