Doctoral Supervisor

Prof Hazel Reid
School of Childhood and Education Sciences

Specialism / Expertise

  • Career guidance & counselling;
  • Lifelong learning & development;
  • Counselling and support with young people;
  • Working with marginalised communities;
  • Qualitative, Interpretive, narrative & biographical methodologies.

Titles of theses for which you are first supervisor in the Faculty of Education

  • Lives lived in the hinterland: the psychosocial influence of mixed heritage and early experience
  • An Investigation of the Transition of a Number of Eastern European Graduate Immigrants into their New Social and Professional Life in the UK
  • What is in a moment? Using Creative Writing Practices to Capture Experience and Emotion in Career Turning Points.
  • Warp and Weft: An auto/biographical exploration of how women invent and re-invent their career identities, past and present.
  • Women at the School Gates: A Narrative Study of the Career Paths of Four Women
  • How has corporal punishment in Nepalese schools affected the lives of Nepali learners?
  • Disentangling Professional Careers
  • An Unlived Life? Class, gender and educational engagement, an auto/biographical and psychosocial analysis.


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