Creating wilder campuses for our Diamond Jubilee will build on the success of the orchard planted outside the Ramsay Building during our 50th Anniversary celebrations. 

Creating an International Forest

Led by the International office, international student ambassadors and international students from across the University, the International Forest is a project that will enhance biodiversity and capture carbon from the atmosphere.

On a long bank bordering the University’s playing fields at Stodmarsh, native tree saplings will be planted to create a ‘forest for the future’. Planting is expected to begin in October 2022, and continue in the following years until the whole bank, some 200 metres long, has been planted! To get involved, please contact an International Student Ambassador or Laura Spencer on email

Jubilee Garden

The Diamond Jubilee Garden Project will see the renovation of the lower and upper Erasmus Gardens at our North Holmes Road campus in Canterbury.

Erasmus has been a key building on campus since it was first built in 1968 and, for some years, it housed Christ Church’s Student Union. The refurbishment of the Gardens aims at creating more attractive and enjoyable spaces for staff and students to encourage the use of these areas.

The final planting sessions will be open for staff and students to attend on 29 April from 10am, followed by the formal opening ceremony and lunch at 12.30

Queen's Green Canopy

We are delighted to announce that our bid to the Queens Green Canopy for over 400 saplings to create hedging around our new Verena Holmes STEM building has been successful. Hedging is a vital component in encouraging more birds, insects and other wildlife onto campus, and the saplings will make a substantial contribution to ecology of this part of the North Holmes Road site.

We are proud to be able to link our Diamond Jubilee with Her Majesty’s celebrations in this way. The saplings will be delivered to us in March and the whole University community is invited to participate in their planting.

We are lucky that our campus is already a place where nature thrives, as you can see in the images below, however we are looking forward to enhancing this for the future.

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