Empowering the next generation of learners to pursue further education in university has been a significant part of Canterbury Christ Church’s positive impact both locally and regionally. 

Our School and College Engagement (SCE) Team works to take the idea of higher education directly to children and young adults where they are currently studying.

This activity really captures the essence of “past present and future”. Our SCE team, who themselves are graduates, are now showing the present generation how they too can shape their futures through study at Canterbury Christ Church.

The SCE Jubilee Project for Schools is an extension of this work. We’re engaging with students in years seven to nine, from schools in East Kent, to reflect on life in 1962. They’ll consider the achievements between then and now, and predict how life will have evolved by 2086 – 60 years in the future.

They’ll be encouraged to think of things like the evolution of teaching, how engineering has – and will – solve the issues we face, and Canterbury itself from the landmarks to life and fashion. STEM subjects will be of particular focus. Together, each group will create a poster to document their discoveries and predictions. These will be displayed at Canterbury Christ Church with a celebration-come-awards event to engage the community in the project and give awards to the best entries.

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