In the final Diamond Jubilee feature celebrating research at Canterbury Christ Church University, we look at where our research is heading in the future.

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Strategic plans

The Strategic Framework for Research and Enterprise recognises sustainability as a distinctive feature of research at Christ Church.

Stepping up to global challenges

We are embedding sustainability across our operations, whether academic, outreach, or at our locations, as well as taking part in projects that address global challenges.

State-of-the-art facilities

The Verena Holmes Building opened in January 2021 and provides a central location where innovative approaches to teaching and research will be delivered for Science, Engineering, Technology and Health.
The new School of Engineering, Technology and Design aims to strengthen the retention of high-quality graduate skills and increase diversity across critical STEM industries. The state-of-art laboratory facilities within Verena Holmes accelerated the adoption of emerging research areas within the fields of engineering and computer science.
Image showing icons for additive manufacturing, cybersecurity, second life EV batteries and artificial intelligence
Current research includes studies in these key growth areas. Our academics are engaged in research which will help shape these, and other subjects in the future.

Vision 2030

The University’s mission is to pursue excellence in education and research; inspired by our Church of England foundation, we are passionate about transforming individuals, creating knowledge and enriching communities to build sustainable futures. We have five strategic aims for research and enterprise.
Deliver excellent research and knowledge exchange ...that challenges and advances thinking, and makes an ambitious, meaningful, significant and original contribution to socially, economically and environmentally sustainable futures.
Confront global and national challenges ...such as climate change and social and health inequalities, and enrich the cultural life of our communities through research that is designed and delivered in collaboration with those it is intended to benefit.
Amplify our expertise, knowledge and resources ...and those of our partners and collaborators, by mobilising them and making them accessible and usable for industry, practitioners, policy-makers and the public.
Lead creative innovation ...for sustainable social, economic and cultural prosperity, through the enterprising and entrepreneurial application of concepts, knowledge, approaches and technologies.
Strengthen and intensify our research, enterprise and innovation culture be inclusive and sustainable, supporting all our staff and students to confidently contribute new research, innovation, pedagogic or practice insights to the global knowledge economy.

60 years in 60 seconds: Diamond Jubilee vlogs.

To celebrate the CCCU Diamond Jubilee, we challenged six of our research leaders to tell us about the legacy of our research in just 60 seconds. These will be uploaded sequentially as they are produced so check back regularly for new ones!