Tuesday 18 October

Canterbury Campus

We seek voices, images, words, and sounds that reflect what social and environmental justice means to us individually and collectively. As activists, artists, academics, public intellectuals, community members, we all exist in an interconnected, ethical and moral fabric, and this conference hopes to shape a space where we can all come together and share, learn and express ways of being that reflect this. Revolutions take many forms, and do not always involve ground-shaking change, but rather can exist even in our quietest and humblest of creative acts. We aim bring together people and acts, in all their creative forms, to celebrate thinking, activism and hope.

Sustainability is one of the central challenges facing a world that is already experiencing unprecedented levels of biodiversity loss, natural resource depletion, extreme weather events caused by human induced climate change, and relentless population growth, in addition to on-going inequity and injustice. Universities are in a key position to develop a principled response to current issues and to support the development of a hopeful future in uncertain times. 

To mark our Diamond Jubilee celebrations, this interdisciplinary conference will focus on the close relationship between social justice and environmental justice in a context of a sustainable future. It aims to provide a space for reflection about progress and lack of progress made during the past 60 years, and to discuss the future we want, to foster new ideas and collaborations.

Themes include but are not limited to:

  • Social and environmental justice
  • Racial justice
  • Decolonial studies
  • Belonging
  • Developing a just and sustainable society
  • Education for sustainability

We invite academic papers, posters, workshops art work and performance art that:

  • Explore areas of alignment between environmental and social justice;
  • Highlight research and teaching strategies that work at the intersection of sustainability and social and environmental justice; 
  • Promote development of inclusive learning environments; 
  • Celebrate the contributions that a diverse society makes to a sustainable future;
  • Explore representation of diverse groups in education for sustainability and build a sense of belonging; 
  • Help enrich sustainability messages with more diverse narratives and discourses;
  • Contribute to decolonising the curriculum .

Please submit a 250 word abstract by the 15th of August 2022 to at481@canterbury.ac.uk

The conference is organised by the Academy for Sustainable Futures in partnership with Closing our Gap, BH365, EDIE, LTE, Global Majority Network, Interdisciplinary Research Network, International Office and SU.