Augustine House and Salomons Institute Library are open by appointment only. You can book a fifteen-minute slot to browse the shelves, borrow items, collect reservations or return items. You can also use the Click and Study service to book a study space or computer within the library. 

Easing of National Lockdown Restrictions

As lockdown restrictions are eased, we’re working to get things back to normal in the library.

From 29th March, borrowing will return to normal and all due dates will be set according to items’ loan types (4-week, 7-day, or 24-hour). Automatic renewals will resume from 26th March to ensure eligible items are renewed automatically before 29th March. 24-hour loans and iBorrows cannot be renewed and will need to be returned by their current due date. You’ll also need to return your Document Delivery loans by 29th March unless you already have a later due date. To check your due dates, you can sign into LibrarySearch and go to My Account.

You’ll also be able to place reservations again as normal, and automatic email notices will resume, so please keep an eye on your emails in case any of your loans are reserved by another user.

You’ll still need to book a slot to visit Augustine House or Salomons libraries.

If you’re unable to return an item, please contact your home library so we can help.

For more information on all this, please see the news article.

How do I borrow items from the library? 

The Browse and Borrow service will allow you to book a 15-minute slot to browse shelves in Augustine House or Salomons Institute library and borrow items via the self-service machines. The service is available throughout the opening times of our libraries.

If you have booked a Click and Study slot, you will be able to access the shelves whenever you need to. You won’t need to book a separate slot to browse the shelves.

To prepare for your visit you can use LibrarySearch to check the availability and location of items before your arrival. Read Discover Your Library – How to find your Library books for details. You will need to use the same form to book a time to return items or to collect items from the reservations pick-up point and borrow them.

To make the self-service borrowing facilities as safe as possible, you’ll no longer need to use the touchscreen to issue items.

We’ve also introduced directional signage to help safely manage the number of visitors in the Library at one time, and the entrance and exit will also be carefully managed.

If you have used an item from the shelves but do not wish to borrow it please place the item in the green boxes provided. These will be located near exit doors and the moving shelves. In accordance with current Government guidelines, these items will then be safely stored for 72 hours to mitigate the risk of virus transmission. To help us keep all users safe please do not leave them on desks or shelves. Compliance with this measure allows us to continue offering access to the shelves.  

We ask you to follow the current Health and Safety guidance: 

  • Please wash your hands or use the hand sanitiser gel provided before browsing the shelves. 
  • Please adhere to the one-way directions around the shelves. 
  • Maintain social distancing whilst browsing. 
  • A face covering should be worn throughout your visit to any of our libraries.
  • Please use the NHS contact-tracing app to scan the QR codes located in our libraries. Please read contact-tracing in our libraries for details.
  • If you have used an item from the shelves but do not wish to borrow it please place the item in the green boxes provided. These will be located near exit doors and the moving shelves. In accordance with current Government guidelines, these items will then be safely stored for 72 hours to mitigate the risk of virus transmission. To help us keep all users safe please do not leave them on desks or shelves. Compliance with this measure allows us to continue offering access to the shelves.  

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the potential risk of exposure to the virus, consider the following questions: 

  • Have you returned from any overseas country within the last 14 days which would require you to self-isolate? 
  • Have you had close contact with or cared for someone diagnosed with COVID-19 within the last 14 days? 
  • Have you been in close contact with anyone who has travelled within the last 14 days to any overseas country, which would require them to self-isolate? 
  • Have you experienced any cold or flu-like symptoms in the last 14 days (to include fever, anosmia, cough, sore throat, respiratory illness, difficulty breathing? 

If you answer yes to any of the above questions, then please do not leave home. Please ensure you follow the guidance on self-isolation. 

You can borrow most print and audio-visual items held in our libraries. The only exceptions are journals and items marked as Reference. We also have some Special Collections, including theses, which are not available on our open shelves. We loan laptops through the iborrow loan scheme.

You can borrow a total of:

  • 20 items from the 4-week loan collection
  • 6 items from the 7-day loan collection
  • 2 items from the 24-hour loan collection
  • 20 items from the curriculum resources collection
  • 1 iBorrow loan laptop

Students eligible for extended loans (by arrangement with the Student Disability Service) will have 7-day loan items issued for 14 days.

All loans, except for 24-hour loan items, will be renewed automatically on a rolling basis (in accordance with the loan period of the item), unless the item is reserved by another user.

If your loan has been requested then it will not be renewed; you will be notified by email that the loan will need returning.

If you encounter any problems then please contact us as soon as possible for assistance.

If you require somebody to borrow library items on your behalf, please email with the name of your nominated proxy borrower. You will receive an acknowledgement email with guidelines on how items can be collected.

You can cancel your proxy borrowing arrangement at any time by emailing

You can review the items you have on loan by logging into LibrarySearch and clicking on My Account. We’ll also email you a monthly statement with details of the items you have on loan.

It’s important you check your library account or monthly statement regularly, so you know when your items are due for return. If you no longer need the items you have on loan please return them for other users.

If an item you have is requested by another user, you’ll receive an email asking you to return the item. At that point, the item will stop being renewed and you must return it by the due date. If the request is satisfied before you bring your copy back, your loan will automatically renew.

You can return any of our items at any of our libraries. To return items at Augustine House and Salomons Institute Library you’ll need to book a time slot:

At Augustine House, items can be returned through the self-return machines. These have been updated so you no longer need to use the touchscreen. At Salomons library items for return can be placed in the returns drop box.

If you need to return an i-borrow laptop this can be done by arrangement, email for details.

Returning items by post

To support students during COVID-19 who may be shielding and unable to come into the library we are offering a Freepost service if you are required to return a requested item. Contact us at for details. You can also use our Freepost service if your return to campus after the winter holiday has been delayed due to the current COVID-19 measures and you need to return a requested item.

If you are not eligible to use Freepost, items can still be returned by post. We recommend that you request a free 'proof of posting' at the Post Office when you hand over the parcel. We will also accept the proof of posting date as your return date and will reduce or remove any fine that might accrue during the time that your books are in transit to us.

For Augustine House library please send to:

Library and Learning Resources,
Augustine House & Hall,
Rhodaus Town,

For Salomons Institute of Applied Psychology Library please send to:

Library and Learning Resources
Lucy Fildes House,
1 Meadow Rd,
Tunbridge Wells

There are no fines unless you’re late returning:

  • a loan that has been requested by someone else
  • a 24 hour loan item.

Find out more about fines and overdue items

You can place reservations using LibrarySearch. Reservations can be placed on items if

  • all the copies of the item are out on loan at your home library. 
  • the copy is only held at another campus library and not at your home library. It can then be reserved and sent to your chosen pick up library. 

You will be able to: 

  • Place reservations on 4-week and 7-day items. 
  • Request a maximum of 10 items at a time. 
  • Check your reservations by logging into your LibrarySearch account. To cancel any reservations that are no longer required go in to the “holds” tab, check the relevant item and press the “Cancel Hold(s)” button. 

If you are unable to place a reservation on an item please contact us for assistance.

When your reserved item is returned by another user, it will be safely stored for 72 hours, to mitigate the risk of virus transmission. You should allow for this extra time when placing a reservation.

  • We will let you know by e-mail when an item is ready to collect 
  • Once you’ve received an email you can book a slot to collect your item. 
  • The item will be held for one week for you to collect. 
  • Items are collected from your campus library reservations pick-up point.  
  • Your items will be indicated by a paper slip with your surname and held in alphabetical order. 

As a member of the University, you can borrow items across our entire network of libraries and if the item you want is on the shelf at another Library, we’ll bring the item to your home library for you to collect.

Place a reservation on the item using LibrarySearch and you’ll be notified by your University email address when it’s ready for collection.

You can’t reserve a copy of an item from another library if there is a copy available on the shelf at your home library or if it is a 24-hour loan.

We offer a fetching service for books and other items on our open shelves. The service is available at both Augustine House and Salomons Institute Library and is available for anyone who may have difficulty accessing the material themselves. 

  • You can only have a maximum of 10 items reserved on your account at any time. 
  • Book fetching requests are processed Monday - Friday. We will endeavour to make the material available as soon as possible, but due to the current high demand please allow up to five days for your request to be fulfilled.
  • You will receive an email to advise you that an item is ready to collect from the reservations pick-up point.  
  • Once you have received your email you will need to book a slot to visit the library where your reservation is held.
  • You will need to collect the item from the reservation pick up point and issue the item on the self-issue machine. 
  • If all copies of an item are on loan or only available at another campus library, you can place a reservation for the item yourself through LibrarySearch. 

Please fill in this form to make a book fetching request. 

If you have difficulty reading print, you can request alternative formats, also known as accessible formats.

The formats that are regularly available include large print, Rich Text Format, and PDF. Items can also be converted into braille or audio versions. Please let us know which format you require in this form.

If LibrarySearch shows that an e-book is available to you then we wouldn’t normally supply an alternative format as this can usually be used with assistive software. However, please let us know if you encounter technical difficulties. 

You should submit your request using this form in advance of the semester you require it for. For us to request a digital copy:

  • The item needs to be available in the library. Please use LibrarySearch to check if we have the item before making the request.
  • Anyone who has had a disability or medical condition for over 12 months where this makes using print items difficult is eligible. You do not need to be registered with Student Disability Services to access this service.
  • If you need advice on which alternative format to request, you can contact Student Disability Services for advice.

Through the library, you will get free access to RNIB Bookshare and its 500,000 educational titles, including study skills and fiction books. Email for login details.

While we try to supply an alternative format, it is not always possible and we suggest you also make use of the productivity software available at the University. 

Borrowing and returning books is so simple with the self-service machines. If you do forget to take your books back on the due date there are automatic renewals which give you extra time to return them - my bank account has certainly benefited the most from the fines I haven't received thanks to this!

Lily Hardy-Thompson - Law StudentLaw student