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Several of the University's academics and students conduct research on issues of race, discriminations and the attainment gap.

Dr Gavan Lennon, Faculty Director of Learning and Teaching - Arts and Humanities

Research focuses on issues of race, protest, and aesthetics in American Literature. 

Living Jim Crow: The Segregated Town in Mid-Century Southern Fiction, will be published by Edinburgh University Press in Summer 2020. The monograph uncovers the aesthetic devices black and white authors deployed to interrogate and critique the ideology and practice of racial segregation.

Current and ongoing research focusses on the aesthetics of racial protest in North American since 2012

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Dr Harshad Keval, Senior Lecturer, School of Psychology, Politics and Sociology

Writer and educator in race, postcolonial ideas and decolonial frameworks.

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Edith Lewis, Senior Lecturer, School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work

Research includes race in particular social construction of whiteness, critical race theory and anti-discriminatory practice.

Funded research project on: Attainment and progression for Black Ethnic Minority students in the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing. First funded phase 2015/2016 reviewed literature on attainment and progression of BAME students in health and social work programmes in UK to establish national context. The second phase 2017/18 included an online survey to all BAME students in the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing and 2 focus groups one at Canterbury and the other at Medway campuses.

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Colours of the Criminal Justice System

Student Sha-Kayla Thomas and Lecturer Mary Makinde worked together to co-produce the research project Colours of the Criminal Justice System, exploring the history of black people within the criminal justice system and featuring those exceptional black people who have been trailblazers for change.

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