Christ Church Sports physiotherapy service in conjunction with Spencer Private Hospitals

About Our Physiotherapy

With a wealth of knowledge and experience we can now deliver a first class physiotherapy service, which includes sports injury management, sport massage, post-op orthopaedic rehabilitation and acupuncture.

Our physiotherapists firmly believe in teaching patients about their condition and recommending a home exercise regime; allowing the patient to self-manage their condition with the appropriate knowledge and information.

What we treat:

All our physiotherapists are highly trained and able to help if you are affected by any injury, postural conditions or problems, joint dysfunction and illness or disability using different treatment methods such as movement and exercise, manual therapy, education and advice.

The common conditions we treat include:

Sports injuries
Back, neck or any spinal pains
Nerve impingement or entrapment
Soft tissue related injuries or tendinopathy / tendonitis
Reconstructive orthopaedic surgery or joint replacements
Knee and foot surgery
Joint stiffness or poor mobility
Acute or chronic joint pain
Postural dysfunction
Old recurrent and work related injuries
Post fracture/ dislocation physiotherapy management
Medico-legal / whiplash related injuries

What physiotherapy treatments are available:

Manual therapy (joint mobilisations)
Myofascial release technique
Therapeutic excercises
Function retraining
Work ergonomics
Shockwave therapy

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Our Prices

Physiotherapy from £35.00
Sports Massage from £30.00

For more information please contact:

T: 01227 923500


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