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Move More provides tips, advice and motivation to help you lead a more active lifestyle. Research suggests that long periods of inactivity, such as sitting, can be bad for your health. This can be true even if you meet the recommended 150 minutes of exercise a week


Breaking up periods of inactivity only takes a moments thought, and in time can lead to you feeling fitter, brighter and better. 

Try out some of our TIPS throughout your day for simple ways to move more.

Challenge yourself to reduce your sedentary time with our Move More Mission.



Come along to one of our free 30 minute sessions, involving fun and practical demonstrations of how you can be still less day to day. 

Email us to book your place on the next workshop.

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Wellbeing Zone

Maintain and improve your health and wellbeing with CCCU’s Wellbeing Zone. It’s a free online tool and mobile app that provides the latest health and wellness news, advice, information and support.

Register today today with the organisation code CCCU1 and find out your wellbeing score.


Walking & Running

 Walking 10,000 steps a day is great for your health, so are you taking steps in the right direction?

Take the Walking Challenge and record your daily steps to discover just how active you are. Email us to register today.

Take a break with company and join one of our short lunchtime Walking Groups today!

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We’re keen to create more of a community around cycling at CCCU, so whether you cycle as a mode of transport, for sport or just for fun we’d like to hear from you. Join the Bicycle User Group (BUG) today and help us support cycling at CCCU.

We’re signed up to the cyclescheme, so just ask HR for the employer code and get spreading the cost of a new bicycle today!

Check out Sustainability’s guide to Cycling at CCCU for more information on facilities, safety and all things cycling.


workplace challenge

Join in with our workplace challenge and use this free online tool to encourage you and your colleagues to get more active during your day!

Logging your physical activity, sport and active transport is a great way to monitor and motivate your efforts. You can also enjoy some friendly competition with colleagues and local workplaces- encouraging you to do more day to day. Earn points for your activity. The more activity you do, the more points you get... and points make prizes!

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