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Thrive is a free six-week programme that helps University staff develop a more active lifestyle and enhance their overall wellbeing.

About Thrive

Thrive has been designed to help University staff develop a more active lifestyle, enhance their wellbeing and help tackle everyday stresses that can impact on their ability to be productive in the workplace.

The programme focuses on a positive introduction to being active and highlights the benefits an active lifestyle can have on personal wellbeing - improving your ability to manage stress, reducing anxiety levels, and increasing your positivity at work. As well as increasing your overall fitness levels.

• Participants must be a staff member of Canterbury Christ Church University

• Staff that don’t currently do at least 30 minutes of activity on 5 or more days a week

After signing up to Thrive, you will begin the programme by having a chat with one of our Thrive advisors. The advisor will work with you to create an activity plan; encouraging you to build up your weekly activity levels and improve your wellbeing by trying to be more active on a regular basis.

You will catch up with your advisor several times throughout the 6-week programme, and they will always be on hand if you need any advice about how to get the most out of Thrive.

Thrive will give you free access to personalised advice for improving your activity levels, a range of online fitness classes and one on one personal training.

• Move More

Aimed at motivating you to get more active throughout your day. Providing advice and motivation to help you lead a more active and healthy lifestyle, as well as reducing stress in your everyday life.

Activities include runs, trying out our self-led walks or cycle routes and tips for being more active in your day

• Online Fitness Classes

Christ Church Sport & Active Health are working with OurParks to provide free online fitness classes during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Our University fitness instructors are working closely with the team of OurParks instructors, delivering a range of classes.

Classes include Stretch & Flex, BoxFit, Pilates, Dance, Yoga and more!

• Online Personal Training

Our team of highly qualified personal trainers are able to provide the perfect introduction to fitness, through online personal training. An opportunity to learn the basics through 1:1 interactions with a friendly University fitness instructor in the comfort of your own home.


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