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Sports Coaching Courses

The University hosts a range of sports coaching and officiating opportunities which are popular with those who have an interest in sport or are wishing to pursue a sports coaching or officiating career. They are also especially popular with students on teacher, Physical Education & Physical Activity, and sports related courses. Additionally, we welcome our local community too.

Anyone can get involved in sports coaching and officiating. There are many benefits including physical and mental wellbeing, personal development, as well as social interaction. Additionally you will be helping to inspire our students to become involved in a range of sports and activities at the University.

People who are coached are more likely to be physically active and lead healthier lifestyles, suggests the Active People Survey: 2006 – 2016 UK coaching 2017.

We encourage students to attend the courses and then put their knowledge and expertise to use by leading, coaching or officiating at one of our many University sporting clubs or in the local community. Many of the courses are also a pre-requisite for taking further and higher levels of coaching and officiating awards.

Undergraduate and postgraduate degrees

The University offers a range of opportunities to study Physical Education, Sport and related courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Take a look at the opportunities on offer:

CCCU Coach Education Week

The University Coach Education Week takes place during the students Personal Development Week*, and there will be a variety of coaching courses and workshops available to both our students and our local sporting community.

During the Coach Education week there will be a mixture of:

  • Formal sports and generic coaching qualifications during the day for CCCU students
  • Coaching development courses, forums, and seminars during the evening for the general coaching community plus CCCU students.

So, why not take part in one of our courses during the Coach Education Week commencing Monday 21 January 2019.

*Please note: The CCCU Personal Development Week is a week set aside for students to try something different and develop new skills to enhance employability and prepare for a career, to try another sport or sports activity, or get involved in volunteering. • Book a course with CCCU Sport

Sports Coaching Courses

Enhance your knowledge and understanding of sports coaching by attending one of the sports specific coaching courses

Generic Coaching Courses

Enhance your knowledge and understanding of sports coaching & officiating by attending one of the generic coaching courses such as Safeguarding and First Aid.


Enhance your knowledge and understanding of sports officiating by attending one of the sports specific officiating courses.

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Book an external National Governing Body course (in partnership with CCCU Sport)


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