1 January

Happy New Year

We look forward to welcoming you back to Christ Church for an exciting, fulfilling and successful 2020. 

It might be cold and dark outside but #CCCUAllofUs are coming together to offer a whole month of winter warmers to keep you positive through January.

From Chooseday Chill to Community Lunches, from Therapy Dogs to Student Support – there is lots to be positive about for the start of 2020. 

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Top Tip:

Whether you want to improve your grades, get fit by joining the CCCU Gym or start planning your career with the Career and Enterprise Hub - why not jot down your goals and resolutions today. It will help you to note down what you want to get out of the year ahead - because your future starts now!

2 January

Remember we are here for you...

Take time to notice how you are feeling  - If you are finding it tough coming back to Uni, struggling with homesickness, worried about finances or just want to chat  - our friendly Student Support and Wellbeing Advisers are here for you with drop-ins at both Canterbury and Medway Campuses.


Don't forget to call home - staying in touch with freinds and family can help you beat those winter blues. 


3 January

Just Drop In

Have a question, need support, not sure who to ask? As well as the friendly i-zone team, did you know that Student Support, Mental Wellbeing and Disability Teams offer a range of drop-ins across Canterbury and Medway Campuses?

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6 January

Connect with the CCCU Community

Get involved and meet new people, whether at Chooseday Chill or Community lunch, because did you know that building good relationships is good for your wellbeing?



Top Tip:

Connect with a peer mentor, a fellow student who is that little bit further on in their studies, who can provide you with help and support by sharing their experiences.

7 January

Chooseday Chill is back!

Come along to Augustine House from 5pm to meet new friends over tea and toast, play board games, try some crafts, have a go at some music or just unwind.

Student Support, Mental Wellbeing and Disability Teams are also available for after hours drop-ins

Available every Tuesday.

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8 January

Community Lunch today- yum, yum!

Everyone is invited every Wednesday for some comfort food and a chat at the Chaplaincy in Anslem, between 12.30-2.00pm.



9 January

Try Something New!

It is never too late to meet new people, try something new or take up a new hobby. So if you missed out last year, now is the time to think about making the most of your time at Uni.



Check out what clubs and societies are on offer at the Students’ Union from Harry Potter to Disney, from Creative Writing to Politics, there is something for everyone.  

10 January

Beat those Homesickness Blue

When you have enjoyed home comforts over Christmas it can be difficult to get back into Uni life. You are not alone – why not chat to someone on the  

13 January

Let's give back!

Giving something back is a wonderful way to look after your own wellbeing. People who report a greater interest in helping others are more likely to rate themselves as happy.



Check out our volunteering website and see how you can make a difference to others and yourself.


14 January

Charity Tuesday 



Try a random act of kindness to cheer someone’s winter day: 

  • Leave money on a vending machine for someone
  • Bake a cake for somebody                                                   
  • Serve at a homeless shelter                                             
  • Let someone go in front of you in a queue
  • Donate to charity
  • Give someone a compliment 

15 January

Get Cooking!

There is nothing like showing that you care for someone by cooking them a meal.  And research shows that cooking from fresh makes you healthier and happier, as well as being good for your budget! 

For recipe ideas, you can download the Sustainable Green Office book here






16 January

Look After Your Mate

Want to support your friends? Look After Your Mate is a workshop for students who are looking to support their friends at Uni who may be struggling with mental health issues. The workshop has been written by Student Minds and aims to give you the skills, knowledge and confidence to support your friend, whilst looking after your own mental health too.

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Check out the Look After Your Mate Training



17 January

Give Yourself Time

How often do you get a whole week to yourself?

How often do you make plans in the New Year to try something new or get your life sorted, but run out of time?

Well Personal Development Week from 20-24 January is giving you that time – so you can reflect, reconnect, refresh and grow...

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Top Tip:

Check out the Personal Development Week Programme.

20 January

Beat Blue Monday

Monday is often the least favourite day of the week for many people. But Blue Monday… well, it’s considered the worst Monday of them all! The party season is over, we may have already broken our resolutions, our bank account is in the red, and it is cold and grey outside.

But supporting the Samaritans, we want to turn Blue Monday into Brew Monday – so why not take time out at some point today to have a cuppa and a chat with someone and show that you care.   

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21 January

Grow your mindset

Did you know that setting challenges and learning new things can help improve your confidence and wellbeing?

So, look out for the Growth Mindset Workshops in Medway today. They will explore how your beliefs about intelligence, success, and failure affect the way you learn and offer practical ways in which you can overcome obstacles to academic success.



Broaden your horizons and develop new skills by going along to the events, activities and workshops on offer during this Personal Development Week

22 January

Come along to the Writing Cafe

Bring along a piece of writing to spend some time thinking and writing in a relaxed atmosphere with other students. This is a great opportunity to focus on and develop confidence in your writing skills.

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Top Tip:

There are also workshops on Time Management, Social Media and Branding today as part of Personal Development Week. Check out the programme here

23 January

Get Crafty!

Join the Christ Church Creatives for a relaxed drop-in – learn a new skill, unleash your creativity and try a variety of crafting activities.

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At Canterbury Campus today there is also the Partner in Learning Conference which is celebrating all the best about learning and teaching at CCCU - all are welcome!

24 January

Get the grades you want

Sometimes the key to success is just asking for help. And at Christ Church there is lots of support on offer to help you achieve the grades you want – whether you feel you are not reaching your full potential, want to move up a level or are having problems in a particular subject or area.

You can ask your Personal Academic Tutor or your Student Learning Developer. And don't forget peer mentors know what it is like at first-hand to study at your level too.



27 January

Keep Fit!

Regular exercise can lift your mood and increase your energy levels. It doesn’t have to be strenuous or sporty to be effective. Pick something you enjoy so you’re more likely to stick with it.



CCCU Sport have great fitness classes including Pilates and Boogie Bounce – why not check them out. 






28 January

Take time out with one of the Campus Mindfulness walks

Walk to the nearest open space and spend a couple of minutes there in silence. Breathe, Relax, Listen.

Now walk back refreshed.

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29 January

Study Fit

StudyFit is for students who are worried about their stress, low self-esteem or anxiety. The introductory 6 week StudyFit programme will help you to take part in a range of free activities to help you develop an active lifestyle, with the aim of improving your mental wellbeing.

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Contact our Student Support and Wellbeing Team for more information and advice.  

30 January

Check out Boot Campus 

Refresh with this free fitness Boot Camp style class, involving an outdoor workout designed to build strength and fitness through a variety of exercises that mix traditional calisthenic and bodyweight exercises, with interval and strength training. 

Boot Campus is every Tuesday and Thursday.



31 January

The Healing Power of Touch

 A good massage can help to reduce stress, pain and muscle tension - so why not give the CCCU Sport Massage service a try.




1 February

Well done you have made it through January.

 From Valentine’s day to Pancake day things are now on the up! Let's hope Spring is just around the corner...

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Top Tip:

Remember, whatever time of year, if the going gets tough or you just need to chat things through contact our friendly Student Support team


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