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From one day masterclasses or short courses to degree apprenticeships, Master's and PhD level qualifications, we offer a choice of programmes designed to answer the needs of the modern workforce.

We can support you to enhance your employees’ skill-sets, increase productivity, and decrease staff turnover through training and development.

We also offer bespoke training solutions across a wide range of sectors. Please contact our Enterprise & Engagement Team to discuss your training requirements and the solutions we can provide.


Our degree apprenticeships are co-designed with employers. Tailored to meet the needs of your organisation, degree apprentices will help you grow your own talent by developing a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce. And as apprentices learn mainly in the workplace, it will maximise the impact and minimise the disruption on your business.

We can also accredit in-house training programmes. Find out more by contacting the Enterprise & Engagement Team.

The Apprenticeship Levy

If you have a payroll of under £3m, you are not required to pay the Apprenticeship Levy. You will share the cost of training and assessing your apprentices with the government – this is called ‘co-investment’. Your share will depend on the size of your organisation and circumstances of the apprentice: Read further guidance on the government levy.


Chartered Manager

This programme has been developed in collaboration with local employers and is designed for potential professional managers. On successful completion apprentices will be awarded the BSc (Hons) Management (Professional Practice) and the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship, which includes Chartered Manager accreditation.

The aim of the programme is to provide apprentices with a comprehensive understanding of business and management. They will gain understanding of the ever-changing landscape of economic, operational, managerial, technical, social and corporate business responsibility. Modules include: Accounting and Finance, Marketing, Economics, Management Science, Project Management, Human Resource Management, Leadership and Management, Business Ethics and e-Business.


MBA Collaborative Leadership (Senior Leaders)

This Master Apprenticeship programme includes an MBA Collaborative Leadership (Senior Leaders) award, a CMI Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership and a CMI Chartered Manager or Chartered Fellow.

The programme is designed for individuals moving into a senior or strategic role within their organisation. The core aims are to provide a comprehensive and in-depth understanding and knowledge of collaborative leadership, shared services and organisational transformation in the public, private and third sectors. The objective of the programme is to gain the required academic and professional knowledge, skills, experience and behaviours to lead organisational transformation through shared leadership vision, developing capabilities and engagement with collaborative strategic activities.


Manufacturing Engineer

This programme has been co-designed with local industry, to equip apprentices with the knowledge, understanding and skills to take on the role of Manufacturing Engineer. The apprenticeship degree will provide learning to support apprentices with responsibilities in the following roles:

  • programming, installation, and maintenance of the automated machinery (Computer-assisted process and control engineering) ensuring efficient use energy
  • overseeing the flow of raw materials into a factory and through the production lines (Enterprise resource planning) ensuring product quality, reliability and output levels
  • logistic solutions to inventory or to the customer’s site (Environmental protection, safety, and handling of hazardous materials).
Process Engineering

Science Industry Process / Plant Engineer

This degree apprenticeship has been co-designed with pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, drink, chemical, and water companies. Apprentices will learn through designing, implementing, commissioning, operating and maintaining process systems to ensure process quality and efficient reliability. Apprentices will be supported to develop as Process Engineers through working with a range of scientific and engineering teams to:

  • Translate a set of bench top experimental procedures into larger scale production reality
  • Operate and maintain existing API processes
  • Commercially and safely produce and distribute commercial products
  • Commission and decommission processes
  • Service and clean process systems
  • Process water material.

Nursing Associate (NMC 2018)

This Foundation Degree in Nursing Associate has been designed in partnership with local employers and current trainees to provide the knowledge, skills and attributes required for the future nursing associate workforce as detailed by the Nursing and Midwifery Council and has been mapped to the Apprenticeship Standards for Nursing Associates (NMC 2018).

The programme modules include nursing skills and knowledge, communication skills, professional issues, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, health and health promotion. The concluding module focuses on the apprentice becoming a registered professional through the consideration of leadership, management and the development of others within the unregistered workforce.


Operating Department Practitioner

Successful completion of the Operating Department Practitioner integrated degree apprenticeship gives eligibility to apply for registration with the Health and Care Professions Council as an Operating Department Practitioner (ODP). The programme equips apprentices with the knowledge, skills and professional attitudes to meet the needs of patients, employers and other health and social care professionals they may work with.

The programme focuses on the experience of the patient throughout their perioperative journey and the role of practitioners delivering care primarily within three core areas identified as: the anaesthetic phase, the surgical phase and the post anaesthetic (recovery) phase, within an interprofessional approach to perioperative care.


Registered Nurse

This degree apprenticeship has been designed in line with the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s Standards for pre-registration nursing programmes (NMC 2018) and standards of proficiency for registered nurses (NMC 2018) along with the Institute for Apprenticeship and Technical Education Registered Nurse -Degree (NMC 2018) Standard (2019).

It develops the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes to be able to provide the best possible person-centred compassionate nursing care to people in the many settings that nurses work. We will help the apprentices to become critically aware, creative, competent practitioners of nursing who give primacy to the delivery of person-centred care within the local and global economy.


Social Work

This degree apprenticeship is designed to equip those working in a non-registered capacity, in the social care sector, with the knowledge, skills and attributes to become a Social Worker. The Social Worker (Degree) Apprenticeship containing the BA (Hons) Social Work (SW(D)A) is a work-based degree programme with an inclusive philosophy.

The programme supports the development of capable, confident, collaborative, flexible and adaptable practitioners who put the needs of service users at the heart of their professional practice. It applies a range of theoretical knowledge and perspectives, research, and legal and policy frameworks to social work practice.

Medway Council logo

Working with Canterbury Christ Church University has benefitted Medway Council and its staff in many ways. Their willingness to listen to the employer and integrate a more tailored focus to their programme was refreshing and exciting. Their teaching staff are committed and offer innovative ideas and solutions to bring out the best from the learner.

We are extremely happy with our choice and look forward to continuing our association in the future.

Jo Budd, Workforce Development Consultant

Medway Council Apprenticeship

Christ Church has developed a highly flexible, relevant and responsive Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship (CMDA) which is helping Medway Council to shape its current and future workforce.

The first of Medway Council’s Chartered Manager Degree apprentices joined the Christ Church programme in 2018 alongside CMDA apprentices from other Kent and Medway organisations. They will continue to benefit from networking, problem-solving and an expert learning environment for the next four years, as further cohorts join the successful programme in the University’s Business School.

Medway Council is also working with us to deliver a MBA Collaborative Leadership Apprenticeship for its senior leaders over the next four years.

Our business-focused apprenticeships have many strengths which will appeal to employers, including the flexibility to deliver from our campuses in Canterbury and Medway, or on location at an employer’s premises.

Professional postgraduate

Our Graduate College is the home for a wide range of industry-focused postgraduate courses that provide recognised and accredited qualifications, and a range of part-time options that can be built around the workplace.

Postgraduate qualifications, ranging from Certificates and Diplomas to full Master's and even industry focused-Doctorates, are a great opportunity to develop and retain your staff, developing a talent pipeline of future leaders and professionals, and making your business more competitive. Most postgraduate courses include the option for your staff to develop a research project tailored to your business needs.

Your staff will study alongside other professionals, providing an opportunity to expand your network of contacts and build expertise.

Contact our Enterprise & Engagement Team in the first instance to discuss your requirements.

Provide recognised and accredited qualifications, and a range of part-time options that can be built around the workplace.

Short courses

We offer one day masterclasses, short courses and stand-alone modules that can be adapted to your business needs.

We offer one day masterclasses, short courses and stand-alone modules that can be adapted to your business needs. Recent examples include cyber security, workforce development and specialist manufacturing.

Our staff can also work with you to design bespoke and tailored professional development for individuals or teams.

Please contact our Enterprise & Engagement Team to discuss your training requirements and the solutions we can provide.

Bespoke training

We have access to a wide range of specialist expertise and can create training programmes tailored to the needs of your business. Recent examples include ‘Marketing and Social Media for Tour Guides’ delivered by our Tourism and Events staff, and training on travel health for General Practices delivered by our Health and Wellbeing Faculty.

Workshops can be delivered on site at your business – minimising travel time and disruption to your staff, or at a range of university locations in Canterbury, Medway and Tunbridge Wells.

Please contact our Enterprise & Engagement Team to discuss your training requirements and the solutions we can provide.

A wide range of specialist expertise and can create training programmes tailored to the needs of your business.

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