Benefit from the specialist skills, new ideas and enthusiasm our talented students can bring by offering a placement, temporary assignment or internship.


Employing a student on a placement basis is a great way to identify future talent for your business and to access the fresh insight and knowledge our students bring.

We offer a range of options, including full-time or part-time placements for a year, a few months, weeks, or even a few days.

Finally: digital design agency

Canterbury-based digital design agency Finally has supported the Graphic Design mock agency module for the last three years and mentored some of our students during this time. They have offered internships to second year students who were then employed for one day a week while they completed their final year.

Finally is one of our award-winning employers – SME of the Year in 2018 and the Student Nominated Award in 2019.

Finally Digital Design Agency Logo
Finally Digital Design Agency Logo


Bring a fresh perspective and innovative ideas to your business by employing a student to work 4-12 weeks over the summer period, full-time or part-time. Students will take part in a rigorous recruitment process including our WorkSmart training. We handle all the paperwork, recruitment and payroll. Please contact our Enterprise & Engagement Team to discuss your requirements.


Chris Waterlow, Camera Supervisor from QVC, has been impressed with how knowledgeable our students are and regularly employs interns from the BA Film, Radio and Television. One graduate he hired last year was so good that after only seven weeks as an intern she was taken on to the QVC freelance list and now works full-time for them as a technical operator.

Student projects and live briefs

Benefit from our students’ knowledge and insight applied to real-world scenarios, problems and issues that affect your business. Student projects are devised in collaboration with you to bring new insights and different perspectives to your business. Focused either on specific problems or issues, or on day-to-day business, student projects can unlock new thinking or innovative approaches and solutions.

Please contact our Enterprise & Engagement Team to discuss a project brief.

Shepherd Neame

Joanna Richardson, Head of Marketing at Shepherd Neame, describes live business briefs undertaken by events, tourism and hospitality students at Christ Church. Their work helped to develop new market insights for the Faversham-based brewery, including their weddings and coastal hotels market.


Our consultants will help you find bright, reliable and motivated students, using our in-house recruitment agency. Unitemps is an easy to use and ethical recruitment solution, giving you access to enthusiastic and dedicated students.

To find out more, contact our Enterprise & Engagement Team.

Unitemps logo
Unitemps logo

Always a good calibre of students, great flexibility. Very happy with the overall service.

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