Lecture 7 of our Open Lecture Series - Prof Berry Billingsley

Combating misinformation in society: a framework incorporating epistemic insight to use in a range of educational settings

Prof Berry Billingsley  | Open Lecture Series 2021  |  Lecture 7 - July 06 2021

Why are some people more likely than others to be victims of misinformation and how can we protect ourselves and others in our community? We will report on work to develop a set of guidelines for use in a range of educational settings including school, college and higher education. The guidelines are being co-created by professionals and teachers via workshops for students that include, "who should we vaccinate first?" and "What should we do about climate change?" These and other complex real-world problems create opportunities to examine and compare some of the reasons why people disagree. This includes cases where a debate is around cherished values and cases where trickery is in use to persuade some victims that a false claim is true.

Professor Berry Billingsley is Professor of Science Education and Director of the LASAR Research Centre at Canterbury Christ Church University. Berry will be joined by colleagues in the Centre and research partners.

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