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We understand the importance of personal and academic growth during your university career. Spending time studying abroad is an excellent way to enrich your university experience and looks great on your CV too.

Our exchange programmes offer students:

  • Intercultural exchange
  • Exposure to new ideas and philosophies
  • Invaluable international professional experience
  • The opportunity to learn from, and network with, professionals from across the globe
  • New knowledge and experience
  • Improved job prospects

Students on the following degree programmes are automatically registered to study in North America, and can do so providing they meet the requirements for being accepted by one of our partner institutions.

Students on the following degree programmes are eligible to apply to study for a year in North America as part of their degree. For these programmes there will be a competitive internal application process, as spaces are limited, and acceptance will be based on academic merit.

For more information please contact studynorthamerica@canterbury.ac.uk

Students taking the ‘American Studies with a Semester in North America’ programme do a three year degree, spending the first term of their final year in the US or Canada at one of our partner institutions. The credits taken during that semester are then transferred back to Canterbury Christ Church University to count towards the degree overall.

Students taking a 'with a year in North America ' programme do a four year degree, spending their third year in the US or Canada at one of our partner institutions. This year is non-credit bearing, so does not count to the degree overall, but students will graduate with "with a Year in North America" on their transcript.

Students are encouraged to take modules in North America that they would not be able to take at Canterbury Christ Church University, and therefore will develop their understanding of their degree subject.

Students spending a semester in North America pay no additional tuition fees, as the semester is part of the final year of study.

Students spending a year in North America pay no tuition fees to the partner institution, and pay only 15% of their usual fee to Canterbury Christ Church University (c. £1,385) for their additional year of study.

Beyond tuition, costs vary depending on the partner institution. Students must be able to demonstrate that they are able to support themselves financially in order to be eligible for a student visa.

Partner locations and approximate costs

Students must meet minimum grade requirements in order to be accepted by our partner institutions. The minimum standard for application is an average of 55% in year 1 and year 2, and a good attendance record.

Students must also meet the requirements (financial and otherwise) for a US or Canadian visa.

"Deciding to do a year abroad was the most amazing decision I have ever made. I have learnt and experienced so much from the culture, the education and the travelling, and cannot wait to one day return to Canada to see and learn more."

Hannah Lewis, BA/BSc (Hons) American Studies / International Relations With Year in North America 2017 Graduate

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