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Elizabeth Banks

1865 - 1938

Best known work

  • The Autobiography of a Newspaper Girl, 1902

Other well known work(s)

  • Campaigns of Curiosity: Journalistic Adventures of an American Girl in London, 1894
  • The Luck of the Black Cat, 1909
  • The Mystery of Frances Farrington, 1909
  • The Remaking of an American, 1928


  • Journalism
  • Fiction - Short Stories
  • Politics / Philosophy / Essays
  • Biography / Autobiography

Nom de plume

Mary Mortimer Maxwell, "Enid"

Social class

Working class

Parental background

Raised on a farm by aunt.

At publication of best known work

  • Age: 37
  • Marital status: Unmarried
  • Number of children: 0

Physical description

An article in The Indiana State Journal entitled "Elizabeth Banks is back" (Nov 4 1896) describes her as "a very quiet, modest little person. She is small and slight. Her brown eyes are frankness itself [...] she seems to the causal (sic) observer about seventeen years old." Banks had stylish bobbed hair when in her sixties (from Campaigns of Curiosities).

Did you know?

Banks was known to be economical with the truth with regards to her age. Jane S Gabin suggests her given birth date of 1870 was in fact a fabrication which she even repeated on her passport applications.

Additional information

Limited open access information exists. There is a stub page at Wikipedia and several of her books may be found at Google Books (no previews).


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