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Ralph Norman explains how the study of Theology and Religion is the best way to explore philosophical and ethical questions that matter to people today. 

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Why Study Religion Philodophy and Ethics

Why study Religion, Philosophy and Ethics?

Religion, Philosophy and Ethics explores the world as people find it exciting, provocative, and vital. Only these disciplines show us a world people live and die for, and the God and gods people worship in their lives and deaths.

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Canterbury a Religious Capital

Canterbury, a Religious Capital

Our Canterbury campus is in a UNESCO World Heritage site. Study here in the midst of some of the most significant historical and religious sites in Britain.

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All our staff are actively engaged with the international research community in their specific area of expertise and offer supervision on a range of topics.

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Postgraduate Study

Find out more about our two distinctive offers for postgraduate research, the MPhil/DrPhil route and the MA by Research in Theology and Religious Studies.

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Social Justice

Social Justice has become central to our teaching, offering students the opportunity to develop awareness of and expertise in a wide range of issues related to Social Justice.

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Jamaican Bible Remix

This multi-platform project comprises of an audio album, Bible study and a monograph.

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Keeping the Memory Alive

A student intern was closely involved in a research and knowledge exchange project that explores the fascinating history of the nearly 1,600 Torah scrolls that were saved in the Holocaust.

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Applied Humanities

A major concern of the School of Humanities is giving our students the best possible undergraduate learning experience, but one that is infused with professional practice and real life work experience.

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