Simon de Montfort and England's First Revolution


Dr Sophie Ambler

Simon de Montfort and England’s First Revolution

Time and Date: Saturday 4 April, 13:30 - 14:30

Ticket price: £10

Location: Old Sessions House OS.0.01 CT1 1PL

Biographical note

Dr Sophie Thérèse Ambler is a historian of medieval Europe and the Crusades. She is a Lecturer in Medieval History at Lancaster University and a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. She has appeared on radio and TV for BBC and Channel 4 and written for BBC History Magazine and The Historian. She divides her time between Lancaster and London.

Event Details

Seizing power from King Henry III, Simon de Montfort ruled England at the head of a council, proclaiming his campaign against the crown a holy war. England’s first revolution was brought to an end in 1265 at the Battle of Evesham when Montfort and his followers were killed in the greatest noble slaughter since Hastings.


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