Your History Degree

"Year 1 is the foundation for all that follows" (Dr Leonie Hicks, Year 1 coordinator)


History at Canterbury Christ Church is a thriving programme which combines innovative high-quality teaching with internationally-acclaimed research in a friendly and supportive learning environment. You can study History as a single honours degree or as a combined honours degree in tandem with a second subject. Some Archaeology modules are also open to History students.

Medieval and Early Modern Studies

Drawing on our internationally-recognised research and expertise in Archaeology, English Literature, History and Theology, our new Medieval and Early Modern Studies course offers an interdisciplinary approach to the period from the fall of the Roman Empire to the Age of Enlightenment.


The student learning experience is at the heart of our work. All of our undergraduate modules are highly-rated by external examiners and other quality auditors, and we get very high satisfaction rates in the National Student Survey. Our philosophy of teaching emphasizes active and shared learning: our students not only learn from their tutors and from their own individual research and reflection, but also from each other. We work to foster a culture of collaboration, both between students and between tutors and students, in both virtual learning environments and in the classroom. Our lecturers research diverse and fascinating areas such as medieval Queenship, the Vietnam War, poverty and popular protest, and the Crusades. Our research informs our teaching, which means your classroom experience is always on the cutting edge of what we know about the past.

"Our range and flexibility are among our great strengths" (Professor Jackie Eales, Director of Research)

Having said this, the flexibility of the History programme is such that, in years 2 and 3 (the years which contribute directly to the degree outcome), students can either concentrate the bulk of their efforts in the medieval, early modern, modern or contemporary periods, or else opt for an approach that blends all four.

“CCCU is a fantastic University, appealing to students no matter your background. As a commuter, the University supported me through a variety of workshops in order to ensure that I settled. The stress of what’s to come can be nerve-wracking at best, but despite this, the University feels as if it is one large community where everyone looks out for each another.”

Holly Davis, Student

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