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The facts speak for themselves with 97% of our most recent UK undergraduates employed or in further study six months after completing their studies.

The Future and the Past

The History Team takes very seriously the future “employability” of all its students and throughout their three years at Christ Church we seek to inform, advise and encourage them on the many career options that are open to them.

Employers value the skills that a History graduate brings with them, including the ability to discern the vital from the less important in a mass of data, to think critically, to problem-solve, and to express themselves lucidly and cogently both on paper and orally. Our aim is to give students a challenging, fulfilling and rewarding undergraduate experience in History but simultaneously to prepare them for the world of work.

Our students go on to work in a wide variety of areas:

  • print journalism
  • television
  • web design
  • business and management
  • industry
  • advertising
  • law
  • teaching
  • public administration
  • finance
  • museums
  • heritage and leisure|


95% of History graduates were in employment or further study six months after completing their studies (2013-14 DLHE)

"To me my History degree from Christ Church is the most important professional qualification I have. The skills I learnt during my time at Canterbury were invaluable in the business world and helped to make me a much more confident person."

Chris Cronin, BA History Graduate

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