Our historians are not just first-class teachers but are also active historical researchers whose work, whether individually or as part of a team, appears in books, articles in academic journals, the press and on the web. Moreover, their research strongly informs their teaching, especially in Year 3 when many of our modules are directly linked to staff research specialisms. History at Christ Church is also home to a thriving communist of postgraduate research students working towards qualifications at MA, MPhil and PhD levels.

Magna Carter Project

Magna Carta Project

Our scholars are contributing to a major research project on Magna Carta, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council of the United Kingdom.

Find out more about the Magna Carta project

Henry III Fine Rolls

The Henry III Fine Rolls Project

The fine rolls for Henry III’s reign (1216-72) provide incomparable insights into the operation of royal patronage. Read more about the digitisation of the rolls here…

Find out more about the Fine Rolls of Henry III

DUP Project

Democratic Unionist Party Project

The History Team's Professor Tom Hennessey was intimately involved in the ‘A Membership Survey of the Democratic Unionist Party’ book completed in 2014.

Find out more about the Democratic Unionist project


1641 Poll Tax

Surprisingly, the 1641 poll tax return for Canterbury is one of the few to exist from this date. The return survives in the form of a rolled document showing the name of the heads of households in the city. We analysed the data and made it available online.

Find out more about the 1641 data

Dissident Irish Republicanism Project

A Theoretical and Empirical Assessment of the Membership, Strategies and Tactics of Dissident Irish Republican Organisations.

Find out more about the dissident Irish republicanism project

800 Years Since Magna Carta

Melvyn Bragg recently interviewed Professor Louise Wilkinson for a BBC Radio 4 documentary series on Magna Carta. There are many other Magna Carta events and projects we are involved with in this 800th anniversary year.

Find out more about Magna Carta events and projects


Conference: premodern queenship and diplomacy

Our conference on ‘Premodern Queenship and Diplomacy in Europe’, follows on from the success of the 2006 conference on ‘The Rituals and Rhetoric of Queenship: Medieval to Early Modern’. 

Find out more about the Premodern Queenship and Diplomacy conference

Postgraduate Study

The History Department at Canterbury Christ Church University offers post-graduate programmes (full-time or part-time) leading to the degree of Master of Arts, M.Phil or Ph.D in History.

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