Studying Archaeology

An archaeology degree is highly valued by employers for the sheer breadth of transferable skills that it will help you develop, including: critical and analytical thinking, diverse practical skills, oral and written communication, independent learning, teamwork, organisation and time management, computing and data analysis, project management, adaptability to diverse research environments, and problem solving.

What will I study?

Archaeology is a diverse and wide-ranging subject. Here are some of the main areas that we explore:

  • Prehistoric, classical and medieval worlds
  • Landscapes and climate
  • Human skeletal studies and zooarchaeology
  • Artefact analysis
  • Computer applications and digital technologies
  • Laboratory techniques
  • Excavation techniques
  • Survey and geomatics
  • Politics and ethics of archaeology
  • Everyday life in the past
  • Ritual and religion
  • Gender and sexuality
  • Death and burial
  • Warfare and violence
  • Archaeology, heritage and public engagement
  • Managing the archaeological resource

Our programme has been designed with the needs of modern students in mind, and our module content is continually reviewed and updated. Courses are delivered through a combination of lectures, seminars, and practical workshops which draw upon a range of facilities and resources from across the university including computing laboratories, artefact and skeletal reference collections, and survey equipment. Field trips are also integral to our programme; we make extensive use of Canterbury’s UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the rich historical landscapes of Kent and the South-East. Among other sites, we have visited the Dover Bronze Age Boat, Dover Castle, Richborough Roman Fort, the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum, Butser Ancient Farm, Sutton Hoo and the British Museum.

We actively encourage our students to further enrich their academic and professional skills through internships and volunteering positions during their degree. A number have worked with local heritage organisations, museums, and specialist groups, including: Canterbury Archaeological Trust, Dover Museum, the Council for British Archaeology South-East, and the Young Archaeologists’ Club.

What archaeology programmes are available?

You can study Archaeology at Canterbury Christ Church University on its own as a Single Honours Programme or combined with another subject. Our Combined Honours Archaeology Programme can be taken in combination with:


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