Hidden Landscape of a Roman Frontier

This project, carried out in collaboration with Historic Environment Scotland (HES; formerly Historic Scotland) and led by Dr Darrell J. Rohl (CCCU) and Dr Lyn Wilson (HES), focuses on the landscape archaeology, history, and heritage management of the Antonine Wall, an UNESCO World Heritage Site in central Scotland.

The project builds upon more than a century of archaeological investigation along the line of this former Roman frontier, and especially seeks to integrate data collected in the course of Darrell J. Rohl’s (2014) Durham University PhD thesis as well as the Antonine Wall LiDAR and terrestrial laser scanning data collected by the Scottish Ten Project .

Beginning in October 2015, Drs Rohl and Wilson will be co-supervising CCCU Archaeology PhD student Nick Hannon on a 3-year co-funded PhD studentship devoted to this project. An interdisciplinary Advisory Panel is being developed to inform and provide guidance for the project.


Rohl, D.J. 2014, More than a Roman Monument: A Place-centred Approach to the Long-term History and Archaeology of the Antonine Wall. PhD thesis, Department of Archaeology, Durham University.

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