Case Study - Helen Cullen

Why did you choose the Applied Humanities module?

I am a mature student studying for a degree in American Studies. My primary reason for opting to take the Applied Humanities Module was simple: having been a mother for the last 10 years I needed to learn what the modern employer was looking for.

How did you choose a placement?

There were so many placements on offer but since I knew I wanted to enter the Education Sector I was able to narrow things down. I had the opportunity to meet several of the partners, ask questions and gain all the information that I felt I needed. I knew the kind of things I wanted to have on my CV for the future, so I chose a partner I thought would provide relevant experience.

Meeting with partners was paramount to any decision that I made. I had all my information about the work related opportunities on offer, so I took my time perusing all the literature from the partners, as well as researching the associations and employers. My decision was made easier by having this structured approach and prepared me for interview.

What did you do on your placement?

I was offered a placement with Wessex Archaeological Trust, which was just the kind of educational placement I was hoping for. My task was to develop a heritage trail in Maidstone and an educational lesson plan detailing local heritage and history.

I was greeted by Marie Kelleher, Senior Heritage Consultant, who went through what they expected from me within the 40 hours. After this initial meeting, I was left to my own devices. It was to be my baby, my vision. This was extremely exciting and daunting at the same time. 

Once I had carried out my initial research of the area, I needed to look at the logistics, collate heritage and historical facts for each significant point of interest on the trail.

Was your placement a success?

I achieved what I set out to do and I was proud of what I designed for Wessex Archaeological Trust. The feedback from the Trust was that they were very impressed with what I produced. Wessex Archaeological Trust was a joy to work for with its relaxed atmosphere, approachable staff and encouragement of creativity. I would highly recommend looking at this partner for your placement, but obviously, only if it fits with your criteria.

What was most useful about your placement?

This placement helped me grow into a more confident person with greater self-belief.  I am looking forward to getting a job and the challenges that this presents, knowing that I now have the confidence to achieve my goals. 

Good luck to students taking this module, you won’t regret it!


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