Case Study - Angela Majnic-Lane

Why did you choose the Applied Humanities module?

I am a combined honours student. Having already done a placement relevant to my other subject (Archaeology), I want to see what working in an environment more relevant to this side of my degree (English Literature) would be like. I was not yet certain which side of my degree I would like to take further, either in my studies or finding a job. I also enjoy doing modules with a more practical aspect to them.

How did you choose a placement?

At one of our very first workshops we had the opportunity to meet some of the partners offering placements and ask them questions to find out more about the different placements on offer. I found a few that particularly interested me and kept these in mind when applying for them later. I knew I wanted to do something literature related, so the placements offering a chance to look at old books and literature in archive work, write on a blog and work in an academic library particularly appealed to me. Therefore, I ultimately made the choice to work at the CCCU Library.

What did you do on your placement?

I was lucky enough to get the chance to see what the librarians do in the library, as well as getting to work on two projects using the university archives. One of the projects involved looking at Victorian Periodicals which I found very interesting, and relevant to my degree, as I had just finished a module in Victorian literature in the previous semester. The other gave me a chance to create digital artefacts, which I had never done before, and use new software like Microsoft SWAY to create interactive presentations of my time in the archives.

Was your placement a success?

I believe my placement was very successful as I completed my learning objectives that were set before starting the placement. I learned many new things, and generally found that I really enjoyed my time at the CCCU Library. I received positive feedback from my placement supervisors and on reflection, I think that archive and library work would be an enjoyable career to get into in the future.

What was most useful about your placement?

As quite a shy person, the placement helped me to feel more comfortable in a professional work environment, with its busy communal offices and large teams of people. It also helped me to think about what kind of work I would like to do after finishing my degree.


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