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American Studies is an exciting and dynamic programme with an interdisciplinary design that empowers students to interrogate the complexities of the United States through engagement with a variety of historical, literary, artistic, political, social and ethnic perspectives. Our team of lecturers are all professional scholars and our research feeds directly into the unique classes we offer. American Studies presents students with a great deal of freedom in their module options within a framework of core courses that introduce students to critical scholarship and methods from multiple disciplines.

The American Studies programme values international learning experiences, both within and beyond the classroom. Our programme offers an annual week-long field trip to a major city in the United States and Study Abroad opportunities to the United States and Canada. In addition, students are encouraged to participate in an annual 'Listening Summit' with North American students from Pepperdine University.

American Studies offers students the freedom to create an academic path that fits their interests and goals, and prepares them for any number of professions they may choose to pursue.

Find out more about the structure of our degree by visiting the American Studies Course page

96% of American Studies students were satisfied with the quality of their course

National Student Survey, 2017

"The knowledge and skills I gained from my undergraduate degree has helped me to speak and present with conviction when in a professional setting, and has given me the confidence needed to voice my own opinions when meeting with global ‘power players’."

Victoria, Graduate

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