Student Staff Liaison

American Studies Student Staff Liaison (SSL) – Become a Student Rep!

Why do we have Student Representatives?

  • To help foster good communication between students and staff
  • To enable students to provide critical commentary on their total student experience
  • To offer a less formal complaints system to solve problems quickly and efficiently
  • To allow students to praise staff for making positive contributions to their education
  • To give students valuable insight into the way the university works and an input into their own studies
  • To develop students’ negotiating and team building skills – all of which looks great on a CV!

What do you do as a Student Representative?

  • Undergo training organised through the Student Union
  • Attend two or three SSL meetings per academic year
  • Be invited to put items on the agenda for these SSL meetings
  • Identify and represent students’ needs and issues within American Studies at SSL meetings with your tutors
  • Consult and report back to students any outcomes

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