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Dr Stavroula Tsirogianni

Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood

School: Educational Studies - Postgraduate Programmes

Campus: Canterbury Main Campus

Tel: 01227 921819

Profile summary

I am a social psychologist and I am intersted in in values, moral dilemmas and perspective taking.  I am fascinated by how we make sense of our lives and the world around us in our everyday lives and how we react and why when we are confronted with alternative worldviews and points of view. I believe that social psychology starts at this exact point when there is deviance and divergence between individuals, social groups and cultures, which we need to understand rather than try to overcome.

I finished my Bachelor studies in clinical psychology at the National and Capodestrian University of Athens, Greece and then I decided to move to London to follow an MSc in Social and Organisational psychology at the Department of Social Psychology at the London School of Economics. Soon I realised that my passion lied in Social Psychology so I completed my PhD at the LSE on the relationship between social values and socio-economic development. My PhD thesis title was 'Social Values in Context: A study of the European Knowledge Society' and was supervised by Professor George Gaskell.

Research and knowledge exchange

Before joining the wonderful psychology community at CCCU, I worked as a research fellow on an interdisciplinary FP7-European project on the role of social values in science and technology governance ( and I have worked as a research consultant and a leadership coach for the British Department of Innovation and Skills, London Business School and various private organisations in the UK, Dubai and Greece.

As the project leader for the Visual Rhetoric project, with my team we brought together social researchers from the London School of Economics and graphic designers from the London College of Communication, University of the Arts, to see what happens when they work together to visualise social research. I have an interest in the role of visualisation, design and visual thinking in the construction and communication of evidence and knowledge in the social sciences. You can check out more about the project at

Overall my research explores social psychological, community and policy questions on (1) social values, morality and value conflicts (2) dialogues, misunderstandings and perspective taking (3) authenticity, the meaning of work and quality of life (4) and research methods in relation to the study of values and points of view, standards of good practice in qualitative research and the role of visual thinking in the social sciences. I study the above in the context of inter-cultural relations, terrorism, immigration, citizenship education, social development and science governance. 

As part of my on-going personal and professional development, I try to travel as much as I can. In 2014 I travelled for a year in Latin America where I did voluntary work working with local families on different hospitality, construction and farming jobs. I also contributed to a community project in the Colombian Jungle to help build a tree house, called the Alunaris Project

Teaching and subject expertise

I currently teach social psychology, critical social psychology and qualitative research methods. I am currently developing with my colleague Dr Eri Park ( thought experiments and exercises that challenge students’ (although they are relevant for everyone) worldviews and perspectives about themselves and the world.   I love bringing my students into a difficult the most caring way of course!

Publications and research outputs

Selected Publications

Mainemelis C. Nolas. M., Tsirogianni S. (2016). Surviving a Boundaryless Creative Career:  The Case of Oscar-Nominated Film Directors, 1967-2014. Journal of Management Inquiry.

Park, E., Sklad, M., & Tsirogianni, S. (2015). Global Citizenship and the Notion of Moral Emotions. Journal of Social Sciences Research,  8(1), 1498-1509.

Hilton P., Tsirogianni, S., Bauer, M. (2014) Visual Rhetoric: Collaborating for Social Impact. LSE Academic Publishing. 

Tsirogianni S. & Gordon S. (2013).Transitivity Analysis: A Framework for the Study of Social Values and Points of View. Journal of British Social Psychology. Online. ISSN 0144-6665 

Tsirogianni S. & Gaskell G. (2011).The Role of Plurality and Context in Social Values, The Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour. 41(4): 441-465.

Tsirogianni S. & Andreouli E.(2011). Beyond Social Cohesion: The Role of ‘Fusion of Horizons’ in Inter-Group Solidarities. Papers on Social Representations20, 5.1-5.25.


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