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Dr. Gabriella Beckles-Raymond

Senior Lecturer

School: School of Humanities

Campus: Canterbury


Profile summary

I joined the Theology Program in 2015, having spent the previous year as a sessional lecturer based at our partner college in Woolwich, Christ College London. I earned my MA (2008) and Phd (2011) in Philosophy from the University of Memphis. Prior to that, my BS in Psychology (2000) and MA in Sociology (2004) from Morgan State University in Baltimore, where I also served as a Student Affairs administrator for five years, developing and managing campus-wide support services for undergraduate students.

I recently contributed a chapter to a forthcoming book Philosophy and the Mixed Race Experience published by Lexington Books and I'm currently working on a book about the philosophy of mixed race identity in the UK. This work will consider the ways in which mixed race as an identity and as ideology is constructed and produced in the UK, within the context of interlocking systems of domination.

I am also interested in theorising the relationship between identity, ethics and spirituality. Drawing on my multidisciplinary background, my research aims to explore a multi-dimensional approach to love as ethical theory - one grounded in the tradition of womanist/ black feminist scholarship, that includes the emotional and spiritual dimensions of human life but that also enables us to address social and political injustices.

Research and knowledge exchange


I would be happy to supervise research projects seeking to explore the interfaces of Philosophy (ethics, social and political), popular culture, theology, and liberatory practice - with a particular interest on the philosophy of race and/ or gender; womanist/ black feminist theory and practice; mixed race identity; ethics of embodiment and beauty standards; culture and representation; and the ethics of identity.

External activities

  • Me, My Mix, and I: Mixed Race Identity and the Problem of Liberal Individualism,” Blackness in Britain Conference: 'The Black Special Relationship', African-American Scholarship and It's Impact on Black Intellectual Life in Britain, Birmingham City University (upcoming, Oct 2015)

  • Beigewatch: Cultural Body Dysmorphia and the Ugly Side of the Beige Beauty Ideal,” Intersectionality: A Space for Theoretical and Practitioner Discussion, Race in the Americas, School of Oriental and African Studies (Nov 2014)

  • Mixed Race Masquerading: A Conceptual Framework,” Cambridge Festival of Ideas, Cambridge University (Oct 2014)

  • Mixed Race Masquerades: The Myth of Multiracial Harmony in Britain,” Critical Philosophy of Race: Here and Now. University College London (June 2014)

Publications and research outputs

  • Mixed Race Masquerades: The Myth of Multiracial Harmony in Britain” in Philosophy and the Mixed Race Experience, Rowman and Littlefield (publication date forthcoming in 2015)

  • We Cant Get Off the Bus: A Commentary on Spike Lee and Moral Motivation,in The Philosophy of Spike Lee. Mark T. Conard, ed. Lexington, KY: The University Press of Kentucky, 2011.

  • Democracy, Racism and the Right to VoteBlack Intellect Café, 2007

  • Selected biographies in African American Encyclopaedia of Business, Greenwood Publishing Group, 2006

  • Selected biographies in Notable Black Men Vol. II, Thomson Gale Group, 2006 


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