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Dr Gabriella Beckles-Raymond

Emeritus Professor

School: Faculty of Arts and Humanities Faculty Office

Campus: Canterbury


Profile summary

Welcome to my profile page! My name is Dr. Gabriella Beckles-Raymond. I am Senior Lecturer in Womanist Theology, Philosophy and Culture at Canterbury Christ Church University. I am also Program Lead for the Theology BA Program at London South East Colleges (Greenwich). I am mother of two wonderful children, I am a wife, I am a sister, I am an aunty, I am a daughter….I am….

Research and knowledge exchange

… PASSIONATE about ethics and social justice in theory and practice.

  • I am an interdisciplinary philosopher and researcher interested in understanding and facilitating ways to move beyond the interlocking systems of oppression that impact us all globally.
  • I am particularly interested in womanist and black feminist thought and the lives of women racialised as black. It is inspiring to be able to draw on the wisdom of great women as part of my job.

… COMMITTED to the realisation of human potential.

  • I have spent my life working in a range of educational settings from supply teacher at a school for autistic children in north London to Director of Academic Enrichment at a Historically Black University in the US.
  • My approach to education is rooted in the pursuit of purpose and excellence. Together with my students we explore ideas that enable us to grow as people and thinkers.

… COLLABORATIVE… I love to know and engage with others who love to know.

  • I supervise MA and PhD students.  I am happy to guide projects focused on womanist/black feminist themes, interlocking oppressions, and intersectional identities. I’m currently supporting projects on the impact of familial religious traditions on the experiences of queer black women; Black consciousness and Christianity; finding purpose within and/or beyond the Church; liberatory political theology and BlackLivesMatter.
  • I speak at academic and public events. I work with organisations, community groups, and creatives to integrate my research and teaching with social action.

External activities

  • “Mixed Race Solidarity in Britain”, PhilChat Conference, University of Manchester (March, 2018)
  • “The Power of a Womanist Ethic: Social Responsibility and Liberation,” International Women’s Day Youth Forum, Work Hard Network (March, 2018)
  • “Trust and the Mixed Race Solidarity Dilemma”, Collegium of Black Women Philosophers, Penn State University (Nov 2017) CBWP website
  • “The Myth of Britishness: What Happens When 'Monsters' Are in Our Midst?”, Caribbean Philosophical Association Conference, Community College of Manhattan (June 2017) CPA website 
  • “Implicit Bias, Explicit Domination: The Ethics of Accountability” Bias in Context: Interpersonal and Institutional Interventions, The University of Sheffield (Jan 2017)
  • “‘Success’ Stories: Narrating Liberatory Visions in Theology and Philosophy” Black Scholars in Critical Dialogue: Confronting Racism in the Academy and Re-imagining the Disciplines Goldsmiths University, (Sept 2016)
  • “Theorizing the Home: Re-Claiming and Re-imagining Resistance” Transatlantic Roundtable Conference, Persistent Racial Problems: Political, Cultural and Religious Responses, University of West Indies, Trinidad (August 2016)
  • “Time Is Money: Constructing Time at the Expense of Women of Colour” Reframing Intersectionality, (June 2016)
  • “Warning! Donald Trump: Black Feminist Politics Will Not Be Televised” Donald Trump, Presidential Politics and the Legacy of Obama, Canterbury Christ Church University (May 2016)
  • “Mixed Race Masquerades: The Myth of Multiracial Harmony in Britain,” Critical Philosophy of Race: Here and Now. UCL (June 2014) Mixed Race Masquerades on YouTube

Publications and research outputs

  • Mixed is the New Black: A Philosophy of Mixed Race in Britain, Zed Books (forthcoming)
  • “Re-Visiting the Home as a Site of Freedom and Resistance”, in Women of Colour in Europe: To Exist is to Resist, Pluto Press (forthcoming)
  • "Implicit Bias and Bad Faith: The Problem of Whiteness and Anti-black Racism" (forthcoming)
  • “Mixed Race Masquerades: Myths of Multiracial Harmony in Britain”, in Tina Botts (ed.) Philosophy and the Mixed Race Experience, Lexington Books, 2016. Philosophy and the Mixed Race Experience available here
  • ‘We Can’t Get Off the Bus: A Commentary on Spike Lee and Moral Motivation”, in Mark T Conard (ed.) The Philosophy of Spike Lee. Lexington: The University Press of Kentucky, 2011. The Philosophy of Spike Lee available here

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