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Dr Andy Seaman

Senior Lecturer

School: School of Humanities & Educational Studies

Campus: Canterbury Main Campus

Tel: N/A

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Andy’s research interests focus on early medieval Wales and western Britain. He is an active field archaeologist and has published numerous articles and reviews, and is currently working on a monograph. In his free time Andy enjoys playing rugby, fishing, and walking Dorothy the miniature schnauzer.

Research and knowledge exchange

Andy directs fieldwork projects in South Wales, and has particular interests in the Roman to early medieval transition, Christianity and conversion, settlement, hillforts, landscape, and agriculture, and power and kingship.  Current and recent research projects include:

Manifestations of Empire: Palaeoenvironmental Analysis and the End of Roman Britain (with Prof Stephen Rippon, University of Exeter), funded by the AHRC

Dinas Powys Revisited (with Dr Alan Lane, Cardiff University), funded by the Cambrian Archaeological Association, Society for Medieval Archaeology, Glamorgan County History Trust, and Medieval Settlement Research Group

Julius and Aaron: In Search of Britain’s Forgotten Martyrs, funded by the Monmouthshire Antiquarian Society.

Field-names, settlement and agriculture in the Eastern Vale of Glamorgan, funded by the British Academy

Other projects include a comparative study of the early medieval 'hillfort phenomenon' in western Europe, a major re-evaluation of the history and archaeology of the southern British kingdoms to 700 AD, and a monograph titled Hillforts and Social Change in Western Britain c. AD 300-700 (to be completed in 2022).

He is actively involved in the Offa’s Dyke Collaboratory; the Early Medieval Wales Archaeology Research Group; and the Rethinking the Medieval Frontier research network. 

Andy is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London, a member of the AHRC Peer Review College, Treasurer of the Medieval Settlement Research Group, and a Council member of the Royal Archaeological Institute and the Society for Medieval Archaeology.


Teaching and subject expertise

Andy's teaching focuses on:

  • Late Antique and Medieval archaeology
  • Fieldwork and research methods
  • Data analysis and GIS 
  • Archaeology of Wales 

He is currently supervising post-graduate research on funerary archaeology in the Netherlands, settlement and landscape in medieval Kent, Viking Age East Anglia, and early medieval Brycheiniog. He is happy to supervise topics relating to the late Roman and early medieval periods, particularly in relation to Wales and western Britain. 

Andy also contributes to the Foundation Year pathway in Archaeology.

Publications and research outputs

Selected publications (since 2012 only)

  • 2020 ‘Hillforts and Power in the British Post-Roman West: A GIS Analysis of Dinas Powys’, European Journal of Archaeology (with L. Sucharyna Thomas)
  • 2020 ‘Finnaun y Doudec Seint: A Holy Spring in the Early Medieval Kingdom of Brycheiniog’, in C. Ray (ed.) Sacred Springs and Holy Wells: A Cross-Cultural            Compendium. 
  • 2019 ‘Llywarch Hen’s Dyke: Place and Narrative in Early Medieval Wales’, Offa’s Dyke Journal 
  • 2019 ‘Excavations of the Ty’n-y-Coed earthworks 2011-14: the Dinas Powys ‘Southern Banks’, Archaeologia Cambrensis (with A. Lane)
  • 2019 Living off the Land: Agriculture in Wales c. 400-1600 AD (edited with R. Comeau)
  • 2019 ‘Power, Place and Territory in Early Medieval South-East Wales’, in (eds.) J. Carroll,  A. Reynolds, and B. Yorke, Power and Place in Early Medieval Europe
  • 2018 ‘Landscape, Economy and Society in Late and Post Roman Wales’, in N. Christie and P. Diarte Blasco (eds.) Interpreting Transformations of Landscapes and      People in Late Antiquity
  • 2018 ‘The Church of Julius, Aaron, and Alban at Caerleon’, Monmouthshire Antiquary
  • 2017 ‘Further Research on A Predictive Model of Early Medieval Settlement Location in South Wales: Exploring the Use of Field-Names as Proxy Data’, Medieval Settlement Research 
  • 2016 ‘Defended Settlement in Early Medieval Wales, Problems of Presence, Absence and Interpretation’, in N. Christie and H. Herold (eds.) Fortified Settlements in Early Medieval Europe: Defended Communities of the 8th-10th Centuries
  • 2015 'Julius and Aaron ‘Martyrs of Caerleon’: in search of Wales’ first Christians', Archaeologia Cambrensis 
  • 2014 ‘Tempora Christiana? Conversion and Christianization in Western Britain AD 300-700’, Church Archaeology
  • 2013 ‘Dinas Powys in Context: Settlement and Society in Post-Roman Wales', Studia Celtica
  • 2012 'The Multiple Estate Model Re-Considered: Power and Territory in Early Medieval Wales', Welsh History Review 

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