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Dr Maria Diemling

Reader in Jewish-Christian Relations

School: School of Humanities & Educational Studies

Campus: Canterbury Main Campus

Tel: 01227 923236

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Mag. Phil. (Vienna), Dr. Phil. (Vienna)

Maria Diemling joined the department in September 2006, having previously been Lecturer in Jewish Studies at Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) and a Research Fellow at the Franz Rosenzweig Minerva Research Center at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (Israel).

She is currently School Director for Research and Enterprise for the School of Humanities and Educational Studies. Maria has also convened the submission of the Unit of Assessment Theology and Religious Studies to REF2021. 

Research and knowledge exchange

Research expertise:

Early modern Jewish history, Jewish-Christian relations, the Body and Food in religious practice and culture, contemporary Jewish identity.

Current Research Projects: 

  • The Body in Jewish-Christian Relations (book project)
  • Food and religious observance

Knowledge Exchange: 

  • Co-editor of online teaching resource on Jewish-non-Jewish relations with Dr Hannah Holtschneider (University of Edinburgh), co-funded by the Spalding Trust and a KE Small Grant from Canterbury Christ Church University
  • KE Project with RED internship, 'A Cry from the Past: The Journey of a Torah Scroll from Klatovy, Czechoslovakia, to Ramsgate, UK', funded by RED and  a KE Small Grant from Canterbury Christ Church University
  • KE Project with Prof Larry Ray (University of Kent) and the Thanet and District Reform Synagogue on Jewish Identity in Small Communities, funded by a KE Small Grant from Canterbury Christ Church University

Teaching and subject expertise

In 2021-22, I am teaching the following modules: 

L4: Introduction to World Religions (co-taught)

L5: Judaism; Ethics in Religious Traditions (co-taught)

L6: Contemporary Issues in World Religions; Religion, Gender and Sexuality (co-taught)

Membership of professional bodies and networks: 

External activities

Invited lectures: 

I enjoy sharing my research and discuss my findings with colleagues and the interested public. I am regularly invited to present my research at research seminars, workshops and conferences in the UK and abroad. Some recent lectures include:

  • November 2017: invited lecture 'Teaching Jewish-Christian Relations: Challenges and Opportunities' at conference “Can Polemics Innovate?” Change and Continuity in Jewish–Christian Polemics from Late Antiquity to Modernity, University of Vienna, Austria.
  • June 2017: invited lecture 'Disclosing the 'Hidden Transcript': Converts as Mediators between Judaism and Christianity' at workshop Jewish History and Culture in the Early Modern World. Leipzig University, Germany.
  • April 2016,  invited lecture 'Jewish-Christian Relations: Challenges and Opportunities', Methodist Church, Kent. 
  • February 2016, invited lecture 'Angels in Judaism', Jewish academy, Munich, Germany. 
  • July 2015: invited lecture 'The Body of the Convert' at workshop Jews and Medicine: An Embodied History, Villa La Colina, Lake Como, Italy. 
  • June 2015, invited lecture 'Jüdisches Leben in Deutschland um die Reformationszeit' at conference Reformator, Ketzer, Judenfeind: Jüdische Perspektiven auf Martin Luther in Berlin, Germany. 
  • April 2015: invited lecture 'Why do Jewish Men Menstruate? Jews, Christians and Gendered Bodies in the Early Modern Period’ at workshop Body, Beard, and Dress. Perceptions of Jewish Appearances from the Sixteenth to the Early Nineteenth Century in Mainz, Germany. 
  • March 2015, research seminar 'Judaism behind closed doors: "Christian ethnographies" as "Hidden Transcripts" of Jewish life in Early Modern German Lands' at the Parkes Institute for Jewish/non-Jewish Relations at the University of Southampton. 
  • February 2015, two lectures at workshop Johannes Pfefferkorn’s Campaign against the Jews: Antisemitism and Ethnography in the Sixteenth Century in Uppsala, Sweden.

Publications and research outputs

Selected recent publications:

  • 'Patronage, Representation and Conversion: Victor von Carben (1423-1515) and his Social Networks', in: J. Adam and C. Heß (eds.), Revealing the Secrets of the Jews: Johannes Pfefferkorn and Christian Writings about Jewish Life and Literature in Early Modern Europe. Berlin: De Gruyter, 2017, 157-181. 
  • 'Arendt's 'conscious pariah' and the ambiguous figure of the subaltern', European Journal of Social Theory, 2016, 1-18 (with Larry Ray).
  • Boundaries, Identity and Belonging in Modern Judaism. London: Routledge 2016 (co-edited with Larry Ray). 
  • 'The politics of food: kashrut, food choices and social justice (tikkun olam)', Jewish Culture and History (2015), 178-195.
  • '"Where Do You Draw the Line?" Negotiating Kashrut and Jewish Identity in a Small British Reform Community', Food, Culture & Society, 17:1 (2014), 125-142 (with Larry Ray). 
  • co-edited with Thomas J. Herbst, Interpreting the 'Spirit of Assisi': Challenges to Interfaith Dialogue in a Pluralistic World. Canterbury: Franciscan International Study Centre, 2013.
  • "Christliche 'Vorzeigekonvertiten' in der Frühen Neuzeit", in: R. Laudage-Kleeberg and H. Sulzenbacher (eds.), Treten Sie ein! Treten Sie aus! Warum Menschen ihre Religion wechseln.  Berlin  2012, 164-171. 
  • “Navigating Christian Space: Jews and Christian images in early modern German lands”, Jewish Culture and History, 2012, 1-14.
  • "Christian Ethnographies of Jews and Judaism", in Maria Diemling and Hannah Holtschneider, eds. Jewish-non-Jewish relations: Between exclusion and embrace: An online teaching resource. July 2011.
  • "'American Midrash: Biblical Motifs in the Work of Bruce Springsteen", in: Lucie Dolezalová and Tamás Visi (eds.), Retelling the Bible Literary, Historical, and Social Contexts. Frankfurt/Main 2011, 355-368.
  • co-edited with Giuseppe Veltri, The Jewish Body: Corporeality, Society, and Identity in the Renaissance and Early Modern Period (=Studies in Jewish History and Culture, 17). Leiden-Boston, Brill, 2009. Reviews: Renaissance Quarterly, European Journal of Jewish Studies, includes chapter: "'Den ikh bin treyfe gevezn': Body Perceptions in Seventeenth-Century Jewish Autobiographical Texts", 93-125.

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