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Mrs Georgina Keith-Hill

Senior Lecturer

School: Educational Studies - Undergraduate Programmes

Campus: Medway

Tel: 01227 924419

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I am currently the Programme Director for BA Honours Special Educational Needs and Inclusion Studies programme.  The degree is an exciting opportunity for student to develop knowledge of specilist areas of Special Educational Needs from a Multi Professional Perspective. In addition I have recently writeen a vlaidation programme for Early CHildhood with a Special Eudcational Needs pathway to be delivered in Omiros College in Athens. I have worked in the department of Early CHildhood for 10  years and have been involved int developing new modules and setting up the EYITT programme. Previous to my career at Canterbury Christ Church University I was a primary school teacher. I was responsible for Early Years and also lead an Early Years Cluster in Maidstone providing trainning and support to recetption teachers. I have also had responsibilty for Physical Education and Science. In addition I was also on Senior Management and a SENCO.  My SENCO role enabled academic research and investiagtions into designing a variety of programmes for children with Special Education Needs.  Areas surrounding inclusion remain my interest and specialism. I completed my MA research in school which examined the role of workshops to develop parent/teacher partnerships.  It was taken on board by East Thanet Council and strategies were piloted.

My Senior Lecturer role enables a diverse range of teaching and student support. I currently teach year two the following modules, 'From learning to labour'. Values, Justice and Particiaption, Disabiltiy, Film and the Media and Research Methods and Design I am currently reseraching student experince and engagement and developing a progect with a colleague and the faculty of health  to support students transition into Higher Education by palacing resilence into year 1 module delivery

Research and knowledge exchange

This year. the BA Honours Special Educational Needs and Inclusion Studies team are exploring opportunties to enhance the student expereince, develop resilience and career opportunities. The year one team are working collobratively with the health department to build resilience activitities into year one modules. In addition we have asked for ethical approval to encourage student particiaption and a student voice in the written project.

In addition, the team are currently bididng for a researhc project to embed work based activities to support career development and to encourage a mentor scheme to dismenate appropratie resources and support for students who may have Special Educational Needs themselves.

I have justed my doctorate and my research interests are looking at labelling and classification andif it promotes barriers to particiaption in the Educational System for children. In addition my project interest will examine the power of language discourse and parent/teacher interactions when children are labelled with Special Educational Needs.

Teaching and subject expertise

I have recently developed a BA Honours  in Special Educational Needs and Inclusion Studies. The new programme draws upon a number of academic fields including, education, health, sociology, psychology, geography, history, politics, religious studies, children’s right, law and social justice and social policy. The aim of the programme is to deliver an exciting and challenging curriculum exploring the historical and political debates that govern issues surrounding Special Educational Needs & Inclusion. I am developing exciting modules examining medical and social models of Special Needs, with consideration to how possible social construction can lead to potential barriers for many groups in society. Modules will also consider the complexity of society and examine variables that will influence children’s transition into adulthood and beyond. In addition  it is necessary to  explore global perspectives of inclusion and  critically analyse international policy. 

  I am also interested in reseraching alternaitve pedogical approaches for early years.  Examination of different approaches enables a theoretical framework to be considered in the 'Schools Readines' debate and the exploration of social & emotional development and physical development needs further exploration and recognition in the process of early development and the foundations to prmoting young childrens positive dispositions to learning.


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