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Mary, Queen of Scots and Elizabeth of England


Dr Amy Blakeway

Mary, Queen of Scots and Elizabeth of England

Time and Date: Sunday 28 March, 10.00-11.00 

Ticket price: £7.50


Biographical note

Dr Amy Blakeway is a lecturer in Scottish History at the University of St Andrews. She is the author of Regency in Sixteenth-Century Scotland and an expert on Anglo-Scottish diplomacy in the sixteenth century. She has regularly appeared on BBC Radio Scotland's 'Time Travels' and has contributed to the forthcoming British Library Exhibition 'Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots'. 

Event Details

This lecture will explore the dynamics of relations between the crowns of England and Scotland during the reigns of two of the most famous monarchs of the British Isles: Mary, Queen of Scots and her cousin Elizabeth. Although we know Elizabeth would execute Mary, when looking at the dynamic between the Queens during their reigns we need to forget this tragic ending and countless fictional depictions of the two women to unravel the very real dangers which Mary posed to her cousin - and her cousin's crown. 



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