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Early Tudor Canterbury


Professor Paul Bennett

Early Tudor Canterbury

Time and Date: Sunday 28 March, 18.00-19.00 

Ticket price: Ticket price: Free when booking 1 lecture


Biographical note

Paul Bennett, as the former Director of Canterbury Archaeological Trust, has overseen numerous archaeological excavations both in this country and abroad. In addition to his main interest in the archaeology of Kent, he is an expert in classical Libyan civilisation, having worked in the country over several decades. More recently, he has expanded his overseas interests to northern Iraq, investigating the region’s prehistory. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge regarding Canterbury’s archaeology and history, and his passion for the subject has inspired professionals and amateurs alike, which was recognised in 2017 when he was awarded an MBE. He is a Visiting Professor of Archaeology in the Centre for Kent History and Heritage at CCCU.

Event Details

Starting at the Tudor Bullstake (now known as the Buttermarket) where bulls were baited before slaughter, and overlooked by several late medieval inns and the great Christ Church gate, constructed in the run-up to the 1520 ‘Jubilee’, this exploration of early Tudor Canterbury provides a vivid picture of the heart of the city where civic and ecclesiastical authorities met. Using the city’s surviving buildings, this film will showcase Canterbury’s early Tudor past, a place where merchants, artisans, shopkeepers, diplomats, churchmen, pilgrims and the poor jostled to find space in a still vibrant urban society



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