Cathedral Archives Reading Room


Fawn Todd

Cathedral Librarian

Time and Date: Saturday 13 April 10:00 - 11:00

Ticket price: £10



Time and Date: Saturday 13 April 11:30 - 12:30

Ticket price: £10

Location: Canterbury Cathedral Library

Please view this image to see exactly where we will be meeting for these tours.

Biographical note

Fawn Todd cares for the printed book collections held at the Cathedral Archives and Library, which date from the modern day back to the early years of print. She holds an MA in Medieval and Early Modern Studies from the University of Kent, and has a particular affinity for Early Modern literature and the study of books as material objects.

Event Details

Canterbury Cathedral Archive & Library Treasures

This visit to the Cathedral Archives and Library will focus on the Tudor and Stuart books, manuscripts and other sources in the collections. On display will be examples from the archive of the cathedral, which dates from the 9th century onwards. There will also be documents from the archive of the City of Canterbury, including charters and financial records.


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