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Jacie-Ann Cole

Jacie-Ann Cole

PhD Student

School: CKHH

Campus: Canterbury

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My primary research interest is food in Kent’s rural communities during the Second World War. Food restrictions were a prominent feature of life on the home front during the war. Retrospectively, how the British nation coped in such a difficult time is often considered not just an inspiration, but also an example of how a limited diet can be beneficial for the health of the public as a whole. Food rationing during this period has been examined closely within areas of dense population, less so in rural areas and this is where I will concentrate my research; specifically looking at the county of Kent, due to its strong farming culture and close proximity to London.

I believe food had a considerably impact on human history. The need for sustenance has dictated where and how people live, influenced class divides and social traditions. My wider interests are predominantly food consumption, cuisine and the nutritional effects of diet upon cultural societies.


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