Ian Coulson Memorial Prize Winners 2016

The outstanding success of our recent Medieval Canterbury Weekend allowed us to invest in the creation of the Ian Coulson Memorial Prize for postgraduate studies in Kent history.

The two winners of the prize in 2016 were Jacie-Ann Cole and Joseph O'Riordan. They were presented with their prize by the Mayor of Canterbury at a recent CKHH event.

Jacie-Ann Cole

"I am extremely excited to be embarking on a PhD in History at Canterbury Christ Church University. My Bachelors degree was in Food and Nutrition and during this course I began to realise the significance of food throughout history and how it can influence where and how we live. In the last few years my interest in this has been drawn to Kent during the Second World War and I wish to explore the impact and implications of rationing in rural communities. From my initial interview at CCCU, the lecturers here have been encouraging, supportive and enthusiastic about my project and I cannot imagine doing my PhD anywhere else."

"Being a recipient of the Ian Coulson prize is such a privilege and a wonderful boost for my studies."

"I did not have the pleasure of meeting Ian but I have learnt that he was an inspiring and passionate historian who spent his life encouraging people from all age groups to enjoy history. As a mature student winning this prize will help me financially to pursue my research but more importantly, the positive acknowledgement of my thesis is invaluable."

Joseph O'Riordan

"The Ian Coulson prize has acted as both a reassurance and morale boost. Beginning a Masters knowing that financial security is likely, and that one’s project proposal caught people’s imagination is after all, a rare privilege.

It is also an honour to partake, however slightly, in the legacy of Mr. Coulson, whose passion for his field was beyond question.

My project shall centre around the Reformation, specifically its impact on the city of Canterbury across social, political and religious lines. The chance, made more secure by this bursary money, to live and work in the city I loved as an Undergraduate, and to see that history come to life around me, is something I believe will contribute to a successful, enjoyable Masters by Research."


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